Monday, 21 January 2008

Seven things of interest (or..Once again it is all about me!)

I have been tagged to do this by the ever delightful Felicia from the Hot Cocoa Swap who was also my recipient in the scarf exchange. I have done one previously so I shall endeavour not to repeat but bear with me if I am so uninteresting I can only say the same stuff again.

Hmmmm.... how about we give this one a kind of a theme? Let's try and get seven things about me to do with names.

1. I am named after my Uncle, my Dad's oldest brother. (No he was not called Uncle Trash.)

2. My sister and I have the same confirmation name. My mum has it as her middle name.

3. My older dog was named for CK's favourite film.

4. My naughty dog's name was chosen before we even thought about getting another dog but it sooooo suits him!

5. People pronounce Babyman's name differently here than they would in Australia even though it is written exactly the same.

6. I do not shorten my name the way nearly everyone else does.

7. I am rarely called by my full name, unless my mother is very, very cross with me.

Hey.... not too shabby huh?

Okay, Felicia said I have to play properly and nominate seven others so here goes.......the vicious chicken ummm..working mom knits... I'm trying to think of people who haven't done it eleventy three times before... so how about something from
Missus Ricrac and Missus FlowerGarden. Perhaps they will give away sufficient information that I can at least put a compass point to where they are. (fiendish, no? we recuperators are clever you know...).In a final rush I am also asking
Lucy Recycled-Pocket Locket, Dr Moogsmum & the inimitable Monkee Maker. Good luck Bloggers all. Go at it and have fun figuring out SEVEN things about you. I look forward to reading them.

Mwah hahahah.


mWahhh, mwaha, haaaaaaaaa


(oh dear, I think she has become a bit unhinged. Yes, apparently she suffered some great disappointment early on in life. Well, (leans in closer) I heard it was something about unrecognised medical genius. All: *sharp intake of breath*


  1. No Hilltop Malaria? Of course that Dr. doesn't have the slightest idea what he is talking about. geezzzz.

    Of course I meant you! Once you came out of deep dark hiding and I found out your blog addy (it would have been too easy to include it with the scarf, don't 'cha know) I've enjoyed reading along.

    Hilltop Malaria - of course you have it. Medical history in the room with him, and he didn't even recognize it!

  2. Nice answers - it's always nice for infinitely nosey people like me to find out more about the person behind the blog.

    Hope you feel better soon. x

  3. Thanks for the tag ................. I think!!!!

    Not sure I can think of 7 more interesting things about myself! I'm really not very interesting (even to myself!)

    Lucy x

  4. Seems like the antibiotics are working!!!
    Thanks for the tag! Of course there are so many interesting things about me it will be very hard to narrow it down to just 7 - but I promise to try :)

    Dr Moogsmum xx

  5. Oooh, thanks .... I think ....

    I had to look up inimitable, just incase you were insulting me, and I can honestly say that I've never been called that before. Mad, crazy, nuts, bonkers, fruitloop and embarrassing - yes. Inimitable - no.

    Glad to see that the meds had cut in by the end of this post!