Monday, 7 January 2008

People intrigue me....

..... firstly let me thank you for all those positive comments. I'm quite happy with my swap and was just having a little bit of late night ironically written (albeit a little impressed)blogging.

Now, here's where I get intrigued by others....

Have been working my way down the swap list reading everyone's questionnaire answers and think that in some ways a) I may have cocked up a little on my answers
& b) been a little taken aback at people's very definite ideas! Some would possibly even say bossy (oh! but not I!!)
I figure I am just going to be happy with whatever turns up.

Does this post sound witchy? It isn't meant to and I am sure the people answering the Qs probably have no idea how it reads but wow!

As to getting the answers a little cock-eyed well, Question Six - 'What are your favourite treats?' I think I was meant to put down my favourite sweetie things but quite honestly I don't think blogger possesses enough hard drive/disc/brain space to accomodate that little lot so I'm just going to stick with what I have.

Independent in mind and action - that's me!


  1. You be yourself! And be proud to be yourself! People are sometimes so intriguing though, aren't they? x

    PS My word verification is hooco - sounds like a product. But what?

  2. Kitty, word verification sounds like it may be liked to the oldest profession in the world!

  3. this post cracked me up :-) I'm sure you'll love your package!