Saturday, 2 February 2008

I am officially old now!

This post has now been edited to include the photoes Monkee Maker was unable to view. Rather than simply polish her glasses she has requested that I actually fix the errors that were made!

Enjoy. (7/02/08)

Please excuse the date on this post. I may have started this on Saturday but your calendar isn't wrong - today is Monday!

While I am still waiting for the 'formal' telegram from QEII an unofficial email turned up from Windsor for my actual birthday (31.01 Monkee Maker, I have been posting late in the evening recently. Apologies for any confusion ). Just a brief note wishing me felicitations of the day from Lizzie and Phil the Greek (as one of my republican (the non-royalist, not the American version) brothers refers to them) , Chuck, Horse-Face and the rest of the mob. Kind of them, no?

So for my 'unofficial' birthday CK had the day off and we ran away to Bath sans kids. Not looking forward to the hail and snow we were told to expect.


I played around being all touristy with my birthday present and discovered a third of Bath is missing.

Do you lot up in Brizzle know anything about this?

It would seem the confusion is catching b/c CK kept coming with the birthday presents. Being a boy and tech-minded we started the day with a U/V filter. He then tried to force a camera-bag on me. Have you ever noticed how singularly unattractive they are? All pointy and grey and mesh and strappy. Just not very nice. So I said no and we mooched. We took pics, had lunch, tormented real grockles by tutting loudly as they pushed past, then we took more pictures.

Meandering around the back lanes of Bath CK headed into a luggage/bag shop. He needs a new suitcase for work travel so I figured that was our team plan. Oh but no! Oh! Oh! OH! He had another plan for a camera bag

** sigh** I think I may be in love

Still three more sleeps for anyone who wishes to join the double whammy competition. just click over here to be in with a chance to win something terrifically super smashing!


  1. Mmmmmmm ... I can smell that bag from here - delicious! Glad you had a nice day out - I haven't been to Bath for years, but make the trip sometime. x

  2. Now THAT is what I call a camera bag!!!! Well done Mr Trash - maybe you can give Moogsdad some pointers!!

    Lovely photos Mrs - good to see the weather forecast is as accurate as ever :)


  3. Arrrggghhh!! Why oh why can't I see your pictures from your cool new camera? Blogger hates me!

    I shall come back tomorrow to check them out.

    I'm glad you had a great child-free day in Bath