Tuesday, 5 February 2008

My new camera is very clever.

Have I mentioned recently that I have a new love? *sigh*

I have taken so many pictures in the last few days, over 350!!!

Hands up who misses the days of film pictures?

I thought so.

I am so loving the clarity and resolution. The other day, in crubbish light, I even got individual hairs on my black dog's coat!

(this is not my black dog's coat.)

When taking tourist-y pictures I like to look for the 'little' things. (Please note I also have pictures of the Crescent and The Circus, I did do all the grockle things, honest.)

But isn't this pretty? I do like Art Nouveau.


The cocoa swap is coming to its close and now I have to prepare my parcel to send on its way to a new home. One of the things to include was a 'friend', I was thinking perhaps Mr.SnootyKnickers . He'd be a good choice wouldn't he?

And thinking of parcels ..... there are two more sleeps for anyone who wishes to be in the running for one of their own. Leave a comment here.


  1. I really want a new camera but I am far too confused to mke a decision. It seems like you are very happy with yours.

  2. Ooh, yes, lovely pics - and 350 of them?? Bring it on!

    I'm still upset that I can't see the Bath trip ones though. Maybe I ought to put my glasses on ....


  3. Lovely pictures Trashy - really nice. I'm going to get a new camera, but it won't be in the league of yours (just better than the one I have at the moment).

    I love Mr Snooty Knickers :-D x

  4. Lovely pictures :) Glad to see you and your beloved are getting on so well!!

    Lesley x

  5. Great photos Trash! I can't imagine being in love with a camera but it's obviously great!!! Lucy x

  6. Isn't it crazy how clear and crisp they are? I was just looking at some of my film photos and I was so surprised at the difference. YAY for digital!

  7. Oooh, lovely pics - glad you're bonding so well with your new love!

    PS MrSnootyKnickers would indisputably be an excellent friend, I have no doubt :o)