Thursday, 31 January 2008

Was I confusing or confused?

Did I make it all too confusing by listing all the not housework terribly important stuff I had done yesterday?

Today is my actual birthday so thank you all lots of very much for your fabulous birthday wishes you have left throughout the day.

It has been a working day but with just two small people it really wasn't very trying. I spent the morning dancing with a two year old - it involved buttons, toy dogs and Tom Jones and Jools Holland. Then the afternoon letting a four y.o. fester in front of the telly while I shared lunch and a character assassination with two friends.

Oh! May I just take this moment to say how fabulous my brand new toy is and just how much I have forgotten in the years since I owned an SLR!! Would someone please send info on the use of ISO speeds and light values?!?!?!?

I got very spoiled today by so many lovely people.

I can't decide whether my daughter (as I believe) really had this thought when she bought me a box of 'Heroes' bob or is stashing points for next time she is naughty and in BIG trouble. When I unwrapped it this morning she said 'I bought you those b/c you are my hero.'

Aaaaaaw, too sweet huh? I promptly felt a little mean for having made her cry while reciting her tables all the way from the 2s to the 12s last night.

One of my borrowed childer met me at school today with a big smile and a HUGE pink helium balloon. 'Mummy said you wouldn't like this one but I knew you would, that's why I chose it.' How right she was. Despite the cyclonic winds and sharp pointy bits of tree hanging over I proudly carried it out to my car showing off the entire way.

Look what my boy wrote in his card! I nearly had tears!

It has been a fabulous day with lots of love, international phone calls, quite importantly - presents

and most importantly - cake!

Thank you for sharing it with me.

So now on to the exciting part of this post.

It would seem that in just the few minutes that I have been writing TrashCan I have hit 100 posts!

(stolen from

Who knew that 'googling' the simple but somewhat bizzare phrase 'knitted monkeys' would result in meeting so many lovely real/imaginary friends and people with common interests.

So to thank all y'all for playing here and reading about life here at Trash Towers and for seeing me through the lows and even lowers of Hilltop Malaria I am having a little prize awarding.

Because today is a double celebration (if enough people leave their names) there will be two names drawn from the prize barrels and as I seem to have created some form of confusion over the road at the previous post I will be adding all names from both here and there to the draw that will take place on February 7.

So please say g'day, leave your name below and stop back after Thursday to have a look see in case your name comes up!


  1. Yay! Am I first? First come, first served the saying goes :-D

    So pleased you had a wonderful birthday with lots of loveliness - much deserved.

    And many congratulations on your big 100 - perhaps the Blog Queen will send you a telegram? :-p

    Take care. x

  2. i keep thinking she may grace the bloggie world with her presence but in the recent rash of centenaries she has maintained her royal silence!

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  4. Happy Birthday To You! Happy Birthday to You! etc.....

    Looks like you had a lovely day - yummy cake :)

    As for the camera ISO thingy - me clueless. I never seem to have found the time to use the more whizzy bits on my camera.

    Hedging my bets by commenting again today!!


  5. Happy Birthday!!!!! And Happy 100th too!

    Love your balloon and the loveliness from your little darlings!

    Lucy xxx

  6. What lovely stuff from the kids, the choccies look fab and that card is so cute! Have a great day!

  7. My heart is bursting - first the hero comment, then the balloon, then the card. Where's the darned tissue when a gal needs it?!

    ps: Kitty says that I can have her prize - really she did!

  8. Well, happy, happy! My birthday was the 28th - people born in Jan are obviously the very best!

  9. Happy 100th, Trashy! May there be many more :o)

  10. No wait .... I'm confused (which isn't difficult at the best of times, plus I'm already sipping a glass of the white grapey stuff - in honour of your birthday + blog centenary, natch) ....

    Is your birthday TODAY (friday 1st feb) or yesterday? Cos I'm sure I left my b'day greeting yesterday (thursday, by my reckoning)and yet your post today says thursday. Are you working on Aussie time perchance?

    Anyhoo. Regardless of all that (& I'm sorry to waffle, really) .... some cool shots with your smashing new toy, TC, and oh! the number of times I've googled knitted monkeys and been pleasantly surprised by the results!



  11. It's your Birthday but you're not 100?
    I get confussed very easily.

  12. happy, HAPPY, haaaaaaaaappeeeeeee birthday to you, and many happy returns of the day! :)

    and of course, congratulations to you on 100 gloriously trashy (in a good way, natch!) posts! can't wait for the next 100!


  13. Hippio birdies two ewe!!

    Sounds like you had a wonderful day!

    and 100 blogs!?? WOW!

  14. Happy birthday. Love the balloon.

    And happy hundredth blog post. Here's to a hundred more.


  16. Happy (belated) Birthday and happy post mile marker! I was admiring your photos, it took me awhile to get used to my digital but now i couldn't live without it! Of course having the mini printer aided in the love! Enjoy your week!