Wednesday, 6 February 2008

A slight error we may just blame on Blogger.....

............. ooops!

Monkee Maker has been moaning pointed out a few times that the pictures from Bath were unveiwable, and I have to confess I had noticed the same thing in the few days after I posted them.

After the saga of getting pictures on yesterday's post I assumed (perhaps erroneously) that there was a slight hiccup in Blogger's works somewhere and the little men who ride the exercise bikes that power the whole set-up were having a tea break.

On hearing that whining voice again reflection I have come to the conclusion that in fact the reason there are no longer any pictures of Bath may be due to a very simple idiot user error. I deleted them from my ZoomBrowser Ex!!!!

In my defense I have to confess first to idiot downloading from The Camera itself. I was obviously just pressing buttons blindly and managed to put each image into my picture file THREE times. I hadn't quite figured this out when constructing the post and so when I deleted the excess (or 'trimmed the fat' as CK puts it in managerspeak) I actually sent the interesting part of that whole set-up to Blogger's Room 101!

When I am not fighting a disappearing battery, children's lunch boxes and the lack of a shower I shall edit to re-include the photies.


  1. How smug do I feel that I saw the pictures before you magicked them away? :-p Panoramic shots of Georgian houses and other nice up-closey bits of Bath. :-D x

  2. Me? Moan??! Just keeping it real (in the words of PW...)


  3. .... oops - forgot to say .... loving the exercise bike analogy :)