Sunday, 30 March 2008

Need tips.

Thinking I may try a quilt type thing for Sylv's big birthday. Any clues?


  1. Hi TC.

    I've made a couple of quilts now. You can check out the last one here:

    and they've all been easy patterns. If you want me to write you some destructions then drop me an email from the cookie blog and I'll send some across.


  2. The easiest type of quilt that I have made is where you cut loads of lengths of fabric about 2.5inches wide and then piece them together randomly then sew the stips together - it's in Leanne Beasley's Living the Dream book (only she does it properly and not randomly!!!) It means there are no seams to match at any point which suits me fine!

    This is the one that I made for myself

  3. ok, so that link doesn't work - this one might!

  4. nope, that one doesn't either but if you add this bit to the end and make sure there aren't any spaces it might work - if not go back to 25 june last year on my blog - or give up (the quilt's not that good!!!)


  5. When's the b-day? I have some great off-line resources/patterns that I can share...

    ps: also, the easiestone I've ever done it the flannel "rag" quilt - all straight lines!

  6. don't look at me! I haven't a clue! I'll be stalking your commenters though as I'm sure I'll be needing to make one soon now that you've asked!!!


  7. I've only ever made one quilt - for my daughter. It was made up of lots and lots of squares - some had appliqué on, some didn't. It was fairly easy, but took me sooooooooooooooooooooooo long :-O Good luck! x

  8. My "clues" are

    1. Strip piece - you will thank me for this one.

    2. Work with rectangles - no triangles on point, no curved edges.

    3. Enjoy the process!