Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Wash up Wednesdays.

Do you have a dishwasher?

Me too.

Is child labour wrong?

Shhhhhhhhhhh.... don't tell OfStEd!!


Being without mechanical assistance means that everything we use has to be cleaned by hand, hard work and Radio Four - aaaah! blessed Jenni Humphreys, I'm Sorry I Haven't The News Quiz Now Show & The Archers (fabulous idea to arrange a soap opera around a peach flavour schnapps!).

Every time my mother or my sister come to visit (and sometimes even just when they phone) there are non-stop suggestions that perhaps right beside the sink would be a GREAT place for a dishwasher. Or under it. Or in the laundry - just get one!

We have the same conversations about rice cookers, homes in Australia and kitchen extensions - actually I agree with them about that last one. But I don't want a dishwasher and over the years I have actually come to appreciate the physics, skill and beauty that goes into stacking the draining board.

Needs must that it is stacked that high b/c here at my house we usually let God dry the dishes (on occasion we have even left them for God to wash but so far no good.)

So I am creating a whole new art form to celebrate the boring, repetitive and bad for your hands hard work of domestic life - kitchen sculpture. It will be a Wednesday thing. Come back and visit.


  1. Have you seen any of the recent posts about Messy Tuesday? There's a link to some of the other posts on my blog.

  2. Mr Ric rac often waxes lyrical about the skill needed to stack the draining board.

  3. We have child labour in this house too, don't you worry. My Mum's taught my 4 year old DD well. She washed up like a pro, and my 18mo DS is a dab hand with a duster. You've got to recoup all that money you spend on them somewhere.

    We do have a dishwasher. Unfortunately its, shall we say, uncooperative at the moment (it keeps flooding the kitchen!) so we're back to elbow grease and precarious stacking.

    I miss my dishwasher *sigh*


  4. If there was an Olympic event for draining board stacking, you'd win the gold medal hands down.

    That truly is art.



    ps. Top job for making the kids do it too. My two just don't know how easy they have it!

  5. Monkee Maker - let me have your girls for just a week and they will appreciate you sooooo much more when their return - promise

  6. When I realised that no amount of hinting, moaning or direct requests for help would ever get anyone else here to wash the dishes I demanded a dishwasher.

    Shame no other b**ger knows how to stack or empty it!!

    Good job encouraging small folk to learn the value of hard physical labour Trashy.

    Very ingenious stackage too!!

    (Wouldn't dare sneeze in there in case I caused an avalanche!)


  7. God dries our dishes too!

    Some friends were once discussing how they couldn't seem to find the right tablets for their dishwashers and I found I just had to agree with them - we had been having a lot of problems with Mr Locket's arthritis medication at the time............

  8. HA! ok, you have literally made me "LOL" today...which is a bit mean of you as my back is out and laughing is rather PAINFUL!!! :)

    we don't have a dishwasher either. or rather, we DO but at the moment she is laying on the floor with her back out, cursing the amusing bloggers of the world for making her laugh uproariously on the subject of dishwashing. (that'd be you, missus!)

    and yeah...that god fella DRYS pretty well, but he's *rubbish* for washing and putting away. but then, i've never made a particularly nice sunset, so fair dues, i s'pose.

  9. Lauren - rigt back at you for the laugh out loud thing. Sunsets!! Hahahahahaha!!

  10. I don't even have child labor as a dishwasher... I just have myself. And I must say, I am super impressed with the drying rack skills. I usually end up spreading a dish towel on the kichen table for overflow once my rack is full. (I also have no kitchen counter, but that's a whole 'nother sob story...)