Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Lots of pictures. Some Lots of words. And a bit of a rant.

Have you ever thought that 100s & 1000s were a little pale and uninspiring? (btw this is not the rant.)

I have asked this question of friends many times over the years. Usually I am met with blank stares or looks of incredulity. But Monday night I was given a present - 100s&1000s aaaaallll the way from Australia. And now I understand the non-comprehension.

They were so pretty I just knew they would look gorgeous on white icing. Plus they bought me 'good mother' points :-)

Given that I am a sharing and caring kind of person I thought the world would like to see some china goodness. The top shelf was a kind of Christmas present from my biggest brother years ago. 'Kind of' in that he gave me money and I bought something soooo beautiful. The lower shelf is plates Sylv brought over with her on last year's visit and the mugs arrived at Christmas time.

I'm never sure if the information we get about the harsh realities of the world is under or over but when it hits me around the head just a little too much I look at the beautiful things around me to salve my soul.

(birthday present from a borrowed child)

Sometimes it's a tangible thing.

(from my mother-in-law)

Other times not.

(school science lesson in the park!)

Today I received a parcel from a very long way away. Malaysia. One of my earliest school friends was from Malyasia. His family came to Australia during our grade One year (6 y.o.). His name was Jonathon. I also used to play with Eric De Vries, Jamie Selkirk and Josh .... umm... bugger, I can't remember his surname either but he had amazing blue eyes.

Look at this beautiful wrapping. If I hadn't been so excited to see what was inside I would have sat and stared at it for longer but the two borrowed girls I had today just kept egging me on so we carefully peeled the yarn and tape to reveal a certain something special.

I had an inkling what would be in it b/c certain folks to the East of me had rec'd their fabulous gifts yesterday. So before we even slipped the parcel from the paper there were some givens - *it would be French in some form or fashion. *It would be beautifully made with precise and delicate stitches. *It would be simple in that classic and understated style that speaks volumes to my heart. *It would be in a pine frame.

What was not given (and those East of me of which I spoke might like to look away now) was that I had been sent the most perfect and beautiful of all the creations Est had shared for her blogaversary. Yes, I had been singled out to receive possibly the most perfect ever summation of a life philosophy.

Love and thanks.

Everyone needs both. Nobody gets enough.

Share some today. Or tomorrow. Or whenever you read this. Give some of both to yourself. It can only lead to good.

(It wouldn't be right to rant now.)


  1. Hear hear trashy ! I agree ! Spread it round.

  2. That was a lovey picture you got.

    The mugs and plates sets on the bottom shelf are utterly gorgeous.

  3. oh!!! you've got 'merci'!!!! :) this is my own creation!! i couldn't wait to blah about it in my blog.. still 6 more to go!

  4. Oh how lovely. A perfect sentiment.

  5. Your Est creation is fantastic - and her own design too! Lucky you!!! But please explain more about the 100'sand100's business - are uk ones pale and aus one's techno?

  6. Lovely pictures and words there, Trash, but not much of a rant .... can you not name and shame the culprit??

    ... did I ever mention I was nosey ...?

    A beautiful piece of art from Est too ... she must have had to re-mortgage her house to send all those out!


    ps. Thanks for calling me an artist *blush* .... I have been called a certain type of artist before, funnily enough ....

  7. Yes, yes your gorgeous picture from Est is really very very lovely - I just happen to think my one is even nicer :)

    Your friend in the East xxxx

  8. p.s. nice crockery

    p.p.s great words

    p.p.p.s. fab pic of babyman being scientific :)

  9. ooooooooooh! lots of lovelies to look at today! ta v much i was in need of a "beauty break"!!! :)

    (ps: can i get one o'those cupcakey muffin things, please, with the icing and the festive sprinkles??!)