Saturday, 5 April 2008

rudeness spreads by public demand.

It would seem there us a public demand for the afore-mentioned club.

A motion has been put to the executive regards the name but unfortunately the proposed moniker is already in use. Therefore the executive committee suggests we invite Moogsmum's group, A Rude Society, to amalgamate with us and expand.

This coalition of 'people with a tendency towards rudeness' will in future be known as
A Rude Society Extraordinaire.
Feel free to make the 4WA yourself ;-)


  1. Please accept my application to join your esteemed society!

  2. Ooh get Locket - how polite is she?

    Ok - let's amalgamate and go forth and spread the rudeness -we'd better get busy if we want to have a big A.R.S.E.!!!!!!!!


    Are they back yet?

    Are you in loads of trouble?

    Moogsmum xx

  3. Aw, thanks for leaving me such a cheering-up comment. You're not rude at all! Or is it only on your first visit you're not-rude? I look forward to your next one.
    Judging by the size of mine, I think i'm more than entitled to join your ARSE... if there's room on the sofa?

  4. I hereby submit my application to be a fully paid up member of ARSE. I feel I qualify admirably: I was (fairly recently) told that I am 'patronising, aggressive and hurtful'. Nice, eh? :-( Still, if it gets me into the ARSE then that's just fine by me.


  5. It's rare that I laugh out loud (I'm a miserable wotsit, me) but I just did. Is there room for peoplewho are both rude and grumpy in your club?