Friday, 4 April 2008

I am in soooooooooooooo much trouble!

CK has taken my two dear terences and disappeared up to La Londre to visit his brother. In total they will be gone just over 24 hours but it will feel so much less and yet sooo much longer.....

Less b/c quite a large percentage of that time I will be asleep and more b/c as the title of the post puts it - 'I am in soooooooooooooo much trouble!'
You see, CK has pointed out on several occasions now that I only ever invite people around for dinner when he is away. On reflection I found this to be mostly true, usually down to knowing his preference is to get food out of the way quickly and settle himself in front of a good evening's watching of Scrubs, Smallville, Star Trek (any kind) and Morse - normally all at the same time!
Also usually true b/c I quite often have a girls' night in when he is away.

Tonight after the normal world finishes work I rang the Kiwi to pester her and her man, possibly even inviting myself down there for a meal. Instead I found myself on the end of an invite to go out for dinner with them, maybe a pub, maybe a curry. Sounded a lot better than the filled tortellini I knew was waiting for me in the fridge.

They picked me up and drove out to a typical, quaint English village pub. If I had been in real tourist mode my camera would have been in over drive but sadly for all you non-British folk you'll just have to imagine the scene - if it helps there were horse brasses flanking the fireplace.

So tonight I will sleep the sleep of the condemned b/c tomorrow I shall have to confess my sins to CK. Another night away and another night I socialise alone!

But it was really good fun! Lovely food, fun company, an open fire and no smoking in pubs anymore - a girl couldn't ask for much more. Among the hilarity of the evening it was decided that since the title of the previous post has become somewhat of a catchphrase around town in the last 24 hours it will become the motto of the new club the Kiwi and I are setting up - wouldn't you love to be a member of ARC?

We toyed long and hard about the club's proper name and sadly Mrs (I'm a looney) IbsonGay's pithy remark was just too long as an acronym so we are now A Rude Club. Catchy, huh? We haven't yet constructed the draft constitution but feel fairly certain it will include lots of offhand asides, muttering under breath and general harummphing. There may even possibly be a bit of swearing.

Let me know if it appeals. Fees are reasonable although if you don't think so please feel free to understand that the exceutive committee just. doesn't. care.


  1. I'm IN!! Where do I get the t-shirt/pay my dues/learn the secret handshake?

    ps: no sleeping bag required - the house has TWO master bedrooms (king-sized bed and private bath), TWO guest rooms (one has two single beds, one has a Queen bed - these two share a bath), AND at least 1 - maybe two - hide-a-bed(s)/roll-away beds.

    pps: Word veri is being a royal pain tonight

  2. Maybe I should join up.
    It might do me good.
    I'm generally too polite for my own good.
    If I got upset about someone's rudeness I wouldn't dare tell them....too polite, see?!
    I do have swearing, muttering and harumphing down to a fine art though.....
    If you don't want me in your club I don't care (see, started already!!).
    I could even set up a rival group.
    A Rude Society

    Going now and you can't stop me!

    (This rudeness is quite liberating!)


  3. I think you should hijack Mrs Moogsmum's club name and think of a suitable E word for the end like (for) Everyone, or Exclusive, or, my favourite, Extraordinaire

    A Rude Society Extraordinaire

    Then your acronym could be rude too!