Thursday, 3 April 2008

Apparently I 'have a reputation for being rude'. EDITED

*This has been edited so it reads correctly about my independent witness and to explain Boots to the non-UK dwellers. Think chain of national treasure type drugstores (Nth. Americans) or chemists (Antipodeans, think Amcal), other countries I am not sure about an explanation - phamacologica??

Moriaty's mother accused me of ignoring her today and then walked off up the street. She appeared a little bit taken aback when I followed her and asked what she meant.

It would seem the middle of Boots was not the place to have a public discussion. I thought it perfect. Apparently I have been ignoring her in the street for months and walking into a friend's shop past her without saying hello was TOO much. Fair cop and all that if I had but I have an independent witness who corroborates that I did say hello!!

So I followed her and the big things I learned are: that my daughter has the manners to say hello, I have a reputation for being rude and the 'ibsongay' women really are completely and totally crazy!


  1. I think there must be something in the air at the moment ... I am seeing 'strife' all around everywhere. It seems even Boots isn't immune.

    ((((Trashy)))) ... pay no attention hun. Some people aren't happy unless they're making waves.


  2. People are weird aren't they? What's to stop her just coming up to you pleasantly and saying hello? I think she could be the rude one!

    Moriaty sounds like a nightmare - must be genetic!!


  3. Basically some people just don't know how to behave. Don't let her get to you! Lucy x

  4. What's her number? I'm calling her RIGHT NOW!!! She wants rude, I can give her RUDE (I AM American, after all)

    Just lettin' ya know that, when the fur starts to fly, I got your back : )

    ps: someone tried her darndest to get me fired because I "ignore" her. Oh! if only my boss would listen to the woman!

    word veri: Light Hearted Women Can Turn Sh*t (into) Humorous Fun!

    pps: What is "Boots"?