Sunday, 25 May 2008

Have you ever joined in? (Or - the day my kids went away!)

As I may have mentioned previously we had WWII week at school last week.

My childer were evacuated.

What a sombre pair!

I don't think they are looking forward to this.

I'm lobbying to have 1940s garb instated as school uniform.

Aren't these guys gorgeous?

Babyman became more relaxed as the day went on.

It was a morning of mixed emotion waving goodbye to my boy as he was 'evacuated'. Fortunately I wasn't the mother watching whose child was sobbing against the coach window. That made it just a little too realistic.


  1. Awww, bless them. It must have been a really awful time for lots of families. I know I'd have hated my two to be taken off somewhere - I'd have wanted to go with them.

    Love what you've done with that last photo - doesn't it look great?


  2. It's must have been a terrible time. Lets hope it never happens again.

  3. That last photo is fab! You are so clever! Can't bear the thought of evacuation for real though! Lucy x

  4. Awww - those kiddlies of yours look so cute in their 40's uniform!
    There were times today when I wished my two could be evacuated!!!