Monday, 26 May 2008

Have you ever joined in? part 2 (Or - why I love our school vicar.)

As I may have mentioned in the past organised religion and I have agreed to disagree on far too many points to enumerate but.... if anything/one makes me wish I had faith and religious belief it is our Vicar Anne.

As well as all her other parochial duties she spends much time with the children, attending and taking part in as many events as possible throughout the school year. At the end of every service she has them joins hands and say the final grace, not too unusual, right? But they all crouch down and jump up high shouting 'Amen' , at which point her dog, Coffee, starts barking wildly and drags whichever student has hold of her out into the aisle.

Her Christmas services are the thing of legend involving a cast of thousands and more angels and shepherds than possibly have ever existed. A few Christmases ago her microphone was left on while getting ready in the vestry and people were crying with laughter, even before the bit where Coffee ate the Nativity.

The culmination of WWII week was the V.E. day picnic on Thursday. Along with gazillionty parents and extended families Anne was there (without her new dog, Holly, of course - all that picnic food? Too tempting!) in 1940s stylee dress.

I was assured the bottle contained water!

These are some of my favourite shots from a fab afternoon.

How sweet is this? This was as high as she got in her handstand. Too cute for words.

These are the shoes I wore - walking down a steep hill, up a grassy bank and over uneven ground!! Please bear in mind my shoes are normally less than ground level - How amazing am I? The knitting is my current W.I.P., a baby cardigan from Debbie Bliss CashMerino. It is for a tropical friend for use in an Australian Summer/Autumn so I bought Rowan super-whizzy cotton/silk/viscose yarn and the feel of the finished pieces is amazing. More pictures another time.

A few of the teachers all dressed up 1940s stylee and in full gossip. The scarey looking one in pink in the middle is Snotty Teacher.

This is a 240 degree view from our school field. This alone was reason for sending Princess C-W and Babyman here.


  1. TBG wants t know if Snotty Teacher was quoting the British soldiers famous saying about American GIs: They're all over paid, over sexed, and over here!"

    PS: what a fantastic way to learn about a not-fantastic historical event.

  2. Looks like a brilliant day. I love it when the teachers enter into the spirit of things. My two recently had a 'recycled outfit' day ... they had to go to school wearing something made from recycled 'stuff'. I nearly wee'd myself laughing when I saw the Head in her garb that day. Thinking of it still makes me smile.

    That school playing field is marvellous. x

    PS: Finished the m-q thing today! :-D

  3. What a great day, I am dead jealous of some of those outfits!

  4. great pics.. I am amazed by those shoes.... how do you walk in them.

  5. looks like a great day!!!

    what fun..

    I love that you took your knitting with you!!!

  6. Looks like loads of fun! Your vicar looks lovely and you do realise that I had to specially download the photo of the teachers so I could zoom in for a closer look at ST! Hope you had fun meeting up with Mrs Moogsmum! Lucy xxx (who isn't jealous at all!)

  7. Those are very cute shoes, the kind I avoid because I would break my ankles :)
    And yes, my triangle will grow up to be a shawl one day :)

  8. Hello from Texas...Wonderful photos! I really like your blog! Happy day to you!

  9. school was SOOOO not like that! i now feel a weird form of vicarious nostalgia...not for my REAL school daze but for those of c-dub & b-man!!!

    ps: i totally and completely (HEART) vicar anne!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! even w/o your description...the photos alone were enough to convince me!!! :)