Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Princess C-W's timewarp.

We went to a castle on the weekend. My longest-ever-friendship friend was here this weekend and she asked to see what it was about the county that made me want to live here.

So with the fabulous weather on Sunday we went to my favourite castle in the world ever. It is so super famous the real Robin Hood even came here! I know b/c I saw it in 'Robin Hood - Prince of Thieves'.

Despite the little English Heritage man trying to sell us membership (inc. my friend from Australia!) we had a fabulous time b/c there was a living history event. Princess C-W was the only one brave enough to step forward when the nice lady from 1642 was asking for a child to volunteer.

She started with a shift

And then after the bumroll (they were all about the hippy look in the 17thC!) she was engulfed by a massive skirt.

The finishing touches - apron, waistcoat/bodice thing - and then a hat. The nice lady started by getting the child's hat out and I had to tell her it wouldn't fit. Obviously she didn't believe me b/c she gave it several goes before getting the grown-up's one.

And then we end up with this.

Isn't it fabulous?

Babyman had had enough by this point and was off! Notice how she just walks up? Apparently she was being careful b/c she didn't want to fall!

After a lovely lunch (roast beef - mmmmmmm) we unintentionally took a very circuitous route all the way to the other end of the county to see the Willy Man (as he is known at our house!)

Followed up by a quick game of Poohsticks and we were good for finishing our weekend of visitors.


  1. I wish we had cool things like castles here! We do have some beautiful natural beauty but there is just something I love about being in a building that is so seeped in history. Lucky you!

  2. Hey! You guys get all of the cool stuff: exotic accents, 1,000,000 year old castles, royalty... I want to share Robin Hood's address/county too!!! Pleeeeese!

    Oh - when is your man coming to Washington? Perhaps I'll make the return trip with him (via his luggage).

  3. Ooh, I've seen the willy man! I'd have paid much more attention had I known he was sometimes called the willy man.

    We are big fans of pooh sticks - fabulous game, isn't it? x

  4. Now, Robin Hood is actually a Yorkshire man you know (apparently - there is a dispute with the Nottinghamshire lot, but they've had him for yonks, time to share, I think).
    I would love to see willy man, I think he's hilarious. I'd like to stand on his willy and have a pic taken (yes, childish, I know, I know)

  5. Looks like a good day out - well done to Princess Curly Wurly - she looks fab!

    Hope the Willy Man was well behaved!

    Me x

  6. We're total castle geeks in this house and I need to know precisely which castle that is, if you please?!

    It looks fab and I love Princess CW's outfit - she makes a great wench :)

    We've done the white horse hill at Uffington but I don't recall paying the willy-man a visit.....and I'm sure I would remember if I had!!!!


  7. I covet your proximitey to castles :) The pictures are gorgeous!

  8. So much amazing history we don't have any thing like it here.