Friday, 16 May 2008

It was an accident!

I was tidying Pr.C-W's brownie kit (b/c I am her slave)just now and on opening her brownie bag found a fab notebook which had been a birthday present. I had to move it to fit bits in and it opened in my hand.

Wanna see to what page?

I didn't mean to read through her diary but now i've seen this I think turn about is fair play!

This is such a fabulous find. Anyone able to decipher what she is 'watching on the computer!'?

Hahahahaha - programmes with swearing in! hahahahaha!!


  1. What a fantastic find! Are there any other good bits?????

    Locket xxx

  2. Oooooh - naughty programmes with swearing in....fab!!!

    Just hoping she wasn't trying to write porn but got her o and r mixed up....oh, and forgot the n at the end....


  3. She's wanting to watch Pro. If you find out what it is, let me know - it must be good. x

  4. Okay, I'm still laughing over you telling the Pioneer Woman that her calves have bluetooth headsets in their ears!