Thursday, 15 May 2008

Sunny weather lives. (Or my week in pictures) Part two.

We had picnics out in the garden several days this week.

Isn't this just what little girls should do in hot weather?

We all got a little wet. Except the littlest. She got soaked.

This was pouring cappucinos.

In a joint effort, Team Babyman (CK, myself and Babyman) made a 'basketball' ring (the tennis ball fits through if it breathes in!)

As the wind picked up yesterday there was a lot of floating around the garden, dancing with scarves. The grass out the front looks like Salome and ALL her sisters danced at once!

Blackdog joined in the crazy tarantala merriment and got his own groove on.

And this? This arrived in the post yesterday - there will be more about its contents another day......


  1. More lovely sunny fun - shame we've had mists and cold cloudy days oop north!

  2. Hi, I found your site b/c you were rated as very funny. love it, you make me laugh.
    Enjoy these fun times, my 3 oldest children don't really want to know me any more- they're 18-13 (except when they need money, or a lift somewhere), but I remember when we had fun like this.
    Luckily I've still an 8 yr old who wants to hang out with me and have fun.

  3. We have the same purple bucket! It's my laundry bucket - well, it was until the girls broke the handles and filled it with a mixture of sand and water. Bless them (she said through gritted teeth) ;-)

  4. thanks for sharing your's cold and wet here in Oz at the moment mustn't complain we need the rain but I do hate winter.