Sunday, 8 June 2008

Things you do on a warm, sunny day (or 'We have invented a new game.')

Hurrah! Summer is here (for this weekend only) and boy! did we make the most of it. (I feel a blog header coming on with that shadow section from the middle.)

But that was just today. Earlier this week I created a past time that will forever kill boredomness in the hands of any vaguely intelligent human being (I know b/c I road tested it on my terences) - ladies and gentlemen I give you

(albeit in a 'slightly more crumpled than when first drawn' state.)

To encourage the childer in polishing off their Shreddies we drew
'Tea Party Donkey' .

Then, as happens, one thing lead to another and we had

'Picnic donkey'.

Breakfast was nearly done by this point so to get the last mouthfuls of Cheerios down their necks Team Trash came up with

'Scuba-diving Donkey'.

It was around about this point I realised that perhaps I was not fully in control of Donkey because the next thing I knew - Pissed Off Donkey was looking up off the page at me!

Fortunately for our ever-so delicate mental health we were saved more evil donkey glares by the fact that unless the Donkey drawing pen was put down we would
1) be late for school
2)fall victim to our own impending sense of hilarity.

So off we went with the entire trip taken up with Donkey possibilities - swimming donkey, dancing donkey and karate donkey to name a few. What the childer didn't know was inside each lunchbox was a sketch of Donkey doing stuff - Pr.C-W had Donkey dancing at the barre while Babyman had Kung-Fu Donkey. This in turn lead to us singing the Trash Towers version of 'Kung-fu fighting' all the way to school.

As I waited for my borrowed terences to finish their lunchtime babyswill we came up with

Tennis Donkey and (no picture currently) Juggling Donkey!

Quite sadly the black gel pen I had purloined from Princess C-Dub was on its very last legs so as the day wore on I found myself drawn to an uber-pen. Thick, deep black ink - check but even that doesn't make it my favourite. However setting a good example to my non-housemate children I smiled sweetly and donkeys began to pour forth from this bastard love child of a felt-tip and a gel pen.

Press-up Donkey!

Odd, weirdy, sad clown donkey.

And teeny weeny, tap-dancing donkey.

Teatime that evening saw us once again embroiled in the 'Walter Mitty stylee' life of Donkey.

A play around giving Donkey wings

lead to

which caused no end of hilarity and mirth to my obviously majorly disturbed children.

By this time the suggestions were coming thick and fast and my poor aching hand was having trouble keeping up with the flow of ideas.

World War II flying Ace Donkey

teeny weeny footballing donkey (please excuse my hands - I am an embarrassment to my mother!)

CK's contribution was Sweeney Todd Donkey (perhaps my kids get it from him - Do you think they need professional help?)

But my own personal favourite is an elegant and graceful creature who sheds light and joy with every swish of grass skirts - I give you

Hula Donkey!


  1. FAN - donkey - RASTIC!!!

    ps: my high school used to hold a night of "Donkey Basketball" to raise money for the sports teams. Players would attempt to engage in a game of basketball while riding real donkeys around the gym!

  2. Drat the typo!

    Should be
    FAN - donkey - TASTIC!!

  3. Oh maaaaan - how weird is the world? I've just done a bit of a donkey blog too - cue spooky music....

    Fabby donkeys Trash and so good to see you are good with your ass too :)

    D'yer think we should rival Locket and launch a Donkey Swap?


  4. I think a donkey swap would be excellent = that's a mighty fine ass you have there young trashy! Definitely an ass-et to society!

  5. Crocodile Dun-donkee?
    Being as how you are from Australia.

  6. love it! especially Sweeney Todd Donkey.

  7. What great donkeys they are. But the washing line photo beats the lot of them.

    (Or does it? They are all great fun pictures.)

  8. Hehe- I spent last week trying to sew a donkey"hat" that ended up looking just like Tussi (the norwegian name of the donkey in Winnie the Pooh stories- what's his name??) Anyway- love your donkeys!

  9. Wow ! two ass -realted posts in one morning- i've just been over to moogsmum.
    Great drawings trash - I love the shadow photo!

  10. They are just too funny! I find such comfort to know the blogging world is full of weird and wonderful people like me!!!

  11. HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i have to control my laughter...i fear i will...MAKE AN ASS of myself!!!!!!!! (ok, sorry...but not one else said it...and it HAD TO be said!) (didn't it??!) (whaddaya mean, "nope"?!) :)

    ps: sign me up for therapy with the little 'uns--"death of a donkey" is TOTALLY my fave!

    pss: i fear it is YE who are *silly*, m'good woman: top shelf of the cupboard?! for a dear t'internet chum???!! certainly not! an ENTIRE CLOSET will be put at your disposal, of course! (with advance notice...i will even MOVE THE COATS!!!!!!!!!!!) xoxo

    psss: that photo with the shadows of stuffed animals onnit would indeed make a CRACKING header...tho the quilty trash towers is also hard to beat!!!

    pssss: ok, i am done now, sorry for the record-breakingly-long comment! :)

  12. i have to say that my fav donkey was 'pissed off donkey' although lap dancing donkey came a close second - my family thought i had done made as i was chuckling away!

  13. uh o - typos! it should have been gone mad!

  14. oh my..ROFL!!!!!!

    love em......all of em!!!!

    You draw sooo well!!i'm jealous!!!!

  15. hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheh its that Aussie sense of humour coming through

  16. Sweeney Todd donkey is my favorite!!

  17. Hey that made me laugh... love Sweeney Todd donkey...the only thing missing from that top photo is a child sitting underneath crying while their favourite friend dries.

  18. Lordy I laughed my little head off at your Donkey post. I found this after popping into Lucy Locket and seeing her quilt and that had me killing myself laughing. Too funny. Too Funny. Too funny.