Thursday, 10 July 2008

Another soul braves the blogoverse.

Wanna see a new crafter in the blogoverse? Something completely different - pottery painting -oooooooooooooo!! Come look here.


  1. i think you are right about some medical receptionists - they can go out of their way to make life awkward! part of the job description maybe!
    i think maybe leave the hair long for updo's cos once its cut, thats it!
    am looking forward to hearing all about black tie dos - lucky you, getting all dolled up!

  2. painting of pottery y'say...I am off to check it out...

    ps what is happening with the raiders of the box? Is it all systems go? Am I panicking unecessarily about lost boxes raided by crafty post folk?

  3. Just off to check out the pot painter. x

  4. Right there with you on the Dr's receptionist thing! However,as a person who's had a fair bit of experience of rottweiller school receptionists in the course of my work I have to say Dr's one's are pussycats by comparison!

    Thanks for the great new blogger link - that flowery bowl is so gorgeously gorgeous it makes me want to be physically a good way ;)