Friday, 11 July 2008

Preen! *Glow* Swish!

Am currently overcome with a feeling of great 'Hurray For Me'ness because in the last 24 hours I have packed up and posted off my


So Esther, if you are reading this - watch for the postman!

I also sent off my package to my pincushion swappee, so secret swap person if you are reading this - watch for the postie heehee ;-)

And lastly I am minutes (literally minutes) away from completing my

doll da russki and can I just say now - I love it! I love it so much I have actually already done one of my own for me and have a list of people who want similar. Won't show you any hints b/c it will give it all a way but I hope my lovely swap partner likes it too!

So forgive me a little preen & glow but I am truly rubbish at the whole 'finishing things' thing(especially on time!) so am feeling quite chuffed that I can tick these boxes as done. Locket, I know your 'Uncle Jim is here for the weekend' surprise hasn't quite reached you yet but hang in there, I seem to be establishing a precedent ;-)


  1. Gah I am still in the middle of my doll swap and at the grinding of teeth because it won't go right part. I am so jealous that yours is nearly done!! :/
    Well done :D Can't wait to see what other swappers have made.

  2. Well done! One step at a time ;O)

  3. Big pat on the back for you Mrs Trash! Can't wait to see what that Russian doll loveliness is about - please show us a picture :)


  4. hey there, am very impressed miss trashy! will be watching for russian doll pics!

  5. Congratulations on finishing a few things!

  6. I hear that it is a nice feeling to actually finish something....maybe less blog reading would help me in that department.
    Well done mrs organised !

  7. Oh well done Trashy - can't wait to see the finished items (since I KNOW you are a great swap-item-maker :-D ) x

  8. well done trash, a good feeling indeed.

  9. Well done young Trashy! I'm very proud of you!!!!!

    Locket xxx