Wednesday, 9 July 2008

List of things

1. Medical receptionists up here on the hill obviously have part-time jobs as vicious guard dogs - this is the only reason I can think of for their horrible and rude attitude.

2. If Monkee Maker doesn't update soon how will we know when the N.M.A. has been successful in its plan for World Domination?

3. Our doctors have instigated a new appointments strategy. You have to ring for an appointment at which point you have to fob off the rottweilers' (ref.#1) suggestions of nurse practitoner, chemist, bin man or themselves as a first point of diagnostic contact. When they actually comprehend that you do want to see a doctor they take your number and inform you a doctor will ring you back. At which point the dotor will decide whether you come in to be seen. Yes that is correct, our entire practice is staffed by that famous fictional medico - Dr. Gregory House. Each and everyone of these psychotic, tv doctors is able to complete a full differential diagnosis based on a few words over the telephone.

Obviously with this new system there is no chance of misdiagnosis, patient browbeating or general overbearingness so Hilltop Medical Centre, I applaud your initiative!

4. I am a crubbish sewer.

5. Everytime I write sewer I want to say clarify I mean sew-er, person who sews, not sewer, pipe full of poo. Please take this as read from now on.

6. I have yet to publicise the P.I.F. I was meant to initiate back in the Winter when the divine Missus WMK sent me that fabulous Chippie scarf. In my defence we have had very little example of non-Wintery weather since then so I keep thinking it has only just happened. I hereby promise to rectify this P.I.F. situation very soon so watch this space.

7. I hope painting hasn't been cancelled tonight b/c I love going painting and I have only managed to get there once of the three sessions run so far this year.

8. I hope painting HAS been cancelled tonight b/c it is cold and rainy and miserable and wet and blowy and generally quite unpleasant out there.

9. I need a haircut BUT do I do it before the black tie dos over the next two weeks and end up with shorter hair in good nick OR leave it and have longer hair to put up which is two thirds split ends??

10. I haven't blogged about the black tie events going on in my life. This too shall be rectified.
11. I have issues with finishing projects.

12. I am having a sick day off work today.

13. CK is working from home today.

14. We went out for lunch!

15. I am using the dryer for my washing and it is JULY (should any Australians be reading this please be aware my children break up for SUMMER holidays in two weeks!!!).

16. I hope my cupcake swapper loves her cupcake surprises as much as I do. Because quite honestly I could quite happily keep all of it !


  1. I love your list... I can't stop laughing!

  2. Stopping by to thank you for your comment through SITS! I only got to scroll quickly but I'll be back soon (eventually) to really check it out.

  3. This here painting class. Do you do 'life studies'? ;-)

    You are NOT a crubbish sewer (or needlewoman). I know because I have proof. So there.


  4. Hello Luvvy! Keep calm, think calm thoughts! Totally epathise or is it sympathise with certain hill top town receptionists and appointment system - I had the delight of explaining or is it justifying why I wanted to see a doctor rather than get a diagnosis from the dog!!!!!!! Aaaaaarrrrghhhh!

  5. I am ROFL at the Drs office. Are you sure the binman might not give a better diagnoses

  6. Good list! I have 'issues' with our surgery receptionists too - the doctors themselves are lovely, assuming you can get past the phone people. Ha!

  7. Here is sunny ballarat it is 6 degrees and we have been promised some snow today!!!!!

  8. Fab list there Trashy! Very funny! Lucy x

    P.S. Are you really sure you are grown up enough to go to black tie do's??? just asking!

  9. Having a bad day are we? (I'm intuitive like that!)

    All doctor's receptionists go on a special course, didn't you know? How to be as vile as possible so patients just give up and leave the poor doctor alone. Ours are the exception to the rule - they are fantastic, as is our doctor. Phone up at 8 am and you get an appointment that morning. Fancy coming to visit and I'll see if I can get you an emergency appt?

    Also have a good friend who is a hairdresser....

    Oh, and it's sunny and breezy here so have dried all my washing outside today. The line is now empty, so please feel free to bring all your wet washing with you as well.


  10. ahhhh I love coming over here and reading your posts.......
    makesme feel that perhaps my life isn't so crazy after all!!!

    Ahhhh doctors.........gotta love em....gotta hate em!!!!

    aussie hugs

  11. tsk - there are so many questions - but they are ALL about the black tie events and they would make me sound VERY intrusive so I will just say politely 'Thank you for your comment and do visit again soon.' (doesn't that sound as though I was well brought up!)

    Oh - and congratulations on your 200th post!

  12. Hey Trashy...enough about medical receptionist.... I am practice manager for a gynaecologist and you don't get an appointment with her unless you tell ME what is happening to your bit down there. LOL.