Monday, 14 July 2008

black tie, babushkas and birdies. EDIT**

We had our first black tie event of our two week run on Saturday.

We got invited to this party.

Being in Dorset meant we had lashings of fizzy pop (well, sparkly bubbles) and a jolly large ham on the bone Aunt Bessie had cooked up for us. The whole evening was wizard and smashing, even though George came dressed in black tie rather than a ballgown. Uncle Quentin was furious!

Having waited with much anticipation I was far from disappointed when CK emerged in his tuxedo. Move over 007, there is a new secret agent in town and he doesn't hang around in the greenery letting the grass grow over him. Sadly our posh frocks had a somewhat limited outing this weekend as our babysitter turned into a pumpkin at midnight, and as we didn't really want to explain to Social Services why our children were being cared for by a massive vegetable, we were home by the witching hour.

HOWEVER ..... this Saturday night should prove some little what different as the childer are coming with us to the event of the Millenium.

You see having opened this I found this rather stunning arrangement inside and

(I must confess) thought it had come from one of you clever blogger people but oh no! Because once I was able to tear my eyes away from the gorgeousness of the envelope

I read on and saw this

'Oooooo! How exciting a wedding!' I thought, 'Must start looking for a suitably posh frock.' Then I read on again and went a little pale.

Fortunately I was rescued by a couple of fairy godmothers and shall be off to celebrate in full ballgown finery next weekend with the boys. Although I did wonder if diamonds may be a bit too OTT, thought I would go with pearls instead. So much classier, right? (Because I am such a classy bird!)

The old Russian Doll Swap is all done and ready to go. I've even managed to create a little sneaky peek!

And then today Smiley Carol spread joy and laughter far and wide on her round b/c she knew she was carrying this package of delight for me.

Yes the clever and beautiful Jodie over at RicRac had been sharing the love (and possibly the gin, not sure if I was meant to be seeing elephants!) internationally. Being the youngest (b/c I am y'know. What? I haven't mentioned it before? Oh that will definitely change!!) I wasn't waiting for anyone's help I jumped straight in and ripped the packet open.

Ooooooo! Squeeeeeeeeeeee! Did you see what is now living at my house? I am so very lucky and extremely delighted to welcome Maya into my life.

Also thoughts required on this. Please comment honestly and ruthlessly but obviously not so much as to make me cry, 'kay?

Everything except the gingham came in my fabulous pile of scraps from Kate. Do you like it or is it too bitty? I would love to get feedback on this as I am discovering I have a major flaw when it comes to quilting - colour stops being my friend! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAK!!

*** EDIT here*** The gingham is to be folded back until it is only 1 or 2 squares high. There is only a second layer b/c I cut the first layer when trimming the edges. It really won't be that deep a gingham border and anyway - I like gingham!!!


  1. Okay... now don't cry... I like the middle of what you've done in that like picture but it doesn't sit well on the gingham for me... are you okay??? Sorry!... please don't cry!

  2. Doh! I meant to say "last" picture.

  3. ooooooooooooh - you lucky, lucky ba.....d as Monty Python might say! Very envious of that goooorgeous nellie - LOL X

  4. Oh wow - posh 'do's going on in your world. I am soooo jealous. Can we have a picture of the ballgown? I know I'm nosey - I'm not apologising for it. I'm not even embarrassed about it.

    I am also jealous of the parcel from Jodie - those gocco'd bird cages she's done are absolutely beautiful.

    And as for the quilty thing ... hmmm. I think generally there is no such thing as 'too bitty' when it comes to patchwork. I don't mind the lilac gingham - I'm a big fan of gingham, but perhaps it is a bit too wide and thus overpowering the central panel? Other than that, I really like it.

    Take care. x

  5. you are soooo lucky going to a black tie event - seems ages since i wore a posh frock - need to see your pics later tho!
    i think the gingham needs to be not so much - maybe a bit narrower (is that right?) on all sides. otherwise looks great!

  6. I'm so glad you're getting the chance to indulge the classy bird in you! Have to have 'going to the ball' photos please :)

    Your patchwork looks lovely and I nearly spat on the keyboard - laughing out loud at you...'colour stops being my friend' !!!!

    As you've edited I won't say anything else as you're onto it already!


  7. I wanna see your party clothes too!!!! And I wanna see them NOW!

    Jodie's little birdies are so fab aren't they?

    You may be feeling like colour has stopped being your friend but imagine how I feel now that sewing has stopped being mine!

    Tired-un-sewing-ish-Locket x

  8. As all above wanting photo of you in ball gown with pearls....will give no advice on last pic I am hopeless with colour.

  9. Color may have stopped being your friend, but I have not: and as your friend I am going to teoo you - honestly - it is lovely (or will be once the edit has been made to the gingham).

    ps: friends don't boast about attending OTT black-tie balls without posting pictures! Show us your hemline and shoes... SOMETHING! ANYTHING!

    pps: my postman was good to me today too! Can't post pics until I get home :(

  10. yay! posh wedding! photos please!!!! (in return I promise to post photos of my sister's wedding in november. I will be attired in a bridesmaid's dress. it may be horrible, we shall see.)

  11. oooo I want pictures of the party clothes.