Sunday, 13 July 2008

It went ahead despite the rain.

This is the view due south from our school playground.

It is lovely and beautiful and I could not ask for a more idyllic place for my childer to be schooled however it was not a view I was loving 9am Friday morning as we were finally told Sports Day was definitely on.

The rain was just hanging back all the way over there towards Portland, waiting. It needed to get its breath back having poured down ALL night. This made me worry some little bit as
1. our school field has quite a camber
2. the grass would be quite slippery as the rain has been coming down for nearly six months non-stop
3. I did myself a nasty groin strain just walking on that grass on a dewy evening (OI! Southampton! You can stop laughing - now!) so small bebes running across was a disaster waiting to happen.

I was quite tempted to ask Mr. Headteacher if he had completed the requisite Risk Assessment but that naggy voice in my head suggested I was just being petty. The other voice, the low calm one, suggested I have 999 on speed dial.

A few years ago our transition Headteacher set up school houses complete with points and rewards. Now the kidders at our school are generally fabulous and wonderful but let me tell you after this system was brought in boy did things step up a gear. Doors were held open, dropped pens were picked up and there were so many pleases and thank yous flying around staff were issued with hard hats. So on sports day the houses were separated out into sub-groups and once again BabyMan found himself the only boy in the group. And as always he didn't even notice.

(oooo, he looks a bit giant there doesn't he?)

For some reason they separate out the year groups so Princess C-W wasn't doing anything until after lunch by which time my camera battery had died so you can just pretend last year's pictures of sports day are current.

She did better this year, the others in the race were only five minutes ahead of her!

I love this picture loads.

However these really are this year's ones and Babyman was in his element.

Get these action shots!

This one is my favourite. If I had to choose just one picture to sum him up I would pick this one.


  1. Looks like a brilliant sports day despite the weather. Great photos.

  2. Me - laughing....noooooooooooo.........
    well maybe a tiny bit....mwah ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!

    I have the thrill of sports day to look forward to on Friday and have been told to be suitably attired for a tug of war - bl***y marvellous!!!

    Great photos of your lovely naughty people :)


  3. Glad you all survived sports day. Though phoning 999 and getting some burly firemen round could have helped the day go faster.

    Lovely pics of the kiddies - glad to see them enjoying the day.

  4. I have the pleasure of 'Activities Evening' next Monday evening. Whooopee doo ... or not, as the case might be.

    Looks like your two had a fabulous time - thanks for sharing the photos.


  5. Oh I hate sports day! I hated it as a kid and I hate it double as a parent!

  6. Magic - love that photo of your girl in mid-air too - what a great hat! Glad it went off OK without injury or major damage.

  7. fab pictures. reminds me of my own field days when I was in school. There were no winners! No losers! everyone got an "I participated" ribbon.

  8. Looks like it was fun despite the rain/camber/health hazards etc!

    Love the happy photos! Locket xxx