Sunday, 20 July 2008

black toe day out

I'm not saying that the day started out badly but by 1500 hrs Babyman had decided he was no longer ever talking to his best friend who had been around playing that afternoon, Princess C-Dub was in tears b/c I was making her shower and CK had only just remembered to go and collect his suit before we left! My stress level was unnaturally high. However I took a depth breath, got everyone organised and we were in the car en route to the event. It was only as we drove the down the lane toward the house that finally the endorphins kicked in and my breathing began to slow.

In weather no-one would have predicted we found ourselves in this is the idyllic field-surrounded area. I hasten to add that several weekends previously I had promised the boys I would organise the weather so - YAY ME!

Babyman made me giggle referring to CK as 'James Bond in disguise'. The troops were all dressed in their finery (as organised and chivvied by me) but I still had to posh up. Much to CK's consternation I shimmied out of my beloved denim skirt and linen shirt right there by the car into the incredibly elegant and extremely long frock, for frock I fear it was. For me this word must be pronounced with a definite 'Strine accent, rising inflection and all.

I shall forever have in my memory riding on a bus through the suburbs of Adelaide and seeing this 'old' Australian, two storey building covered by a bullnose verandah with the words 'Joyrene's Frocks' emblazoned across its front. I often ponder on Joyrene and just what her frocks were like.

Like so many who blog I was behind the camera so there are not many pictures of me but I got a little obsessional about the shoes I had on. I took one or two (or eleventy twelve) pictures.

This shows them as being a little more lilac-y than reality. In real life they were pinker and with sparklier diamonds.

Shoes turned into a kind of theme for me. I figured at a gay wedding there were bound to be some whizzy ones. I wasn't wrong.

Only a gay man, right?

These glamourous beauties belonged to a lady with such an elegant, sharp haircut I was a little worried about standing too close. The feathers on my hat may have been left in tatters with just a slight turn. Plus she was carrying on ostrich plume fan - there was nothing underplayed at this wedding!

And this sparkly little number was on the foot of the groom. Well, one of the grooms. And he had a matching one on the other side. Foot and shoe.

At the risk of lowering the tone completely I loved the toilets! (Again, possibly something to generally avoid saying at a gay event!) These were so divinely luxurious and elegant I was contemplating moving in.

Wood panelling, Molton Brown toiletries, beautiful floral display.**sigh** The boys' side was just as glam and gorgeous. Did I mention they were in a caravan?!?!?! Although I think my favourite part was the signs on the doors.

Tee hee.

There were a lot of children running around. Hundreds of 'em, all ages, heights and sexes. Everywhere we looked one went screeching past with a few others chasing on rapidly but the whole thing was terribly good natured, apparently even the strandings on the island!

Princess C-Dub wore the tiara lent to her by the boys. I spoke with one of them today saying we had to return it and he asked me if she had worn it in the end? Spoken like a true bride I said, no idea of what actually happened on the day!

She did look rather glam didn't she?

In my role as designated driver I tried to get all arty during the drinks reception as those around me necked case after case of sparkly bubbles (sob, sob. It is the only alcohol I really drink). I'm not sure it worked. I think I may just look like Big Bird's albino cousin with goiter issues.

This is the hat in all its actual sunlit glory.

They stood in front of this rather fabulous and quite typically OTT floral number to be married. Groom I spoke with today arranged ALL the flowers and someone told me there was over 1000 roses in just this piece (so glad to be straight - I just wouldn't have the patience!)

I only have pictures up to the drinks reception after that, for the sake of safety, I put my camera back in the car so you will just have to imagine the beautiful fabric-lined, chandelier dressed marquee with the four foot floral arrangements on every table and glorious golden chairs.

And finally, may I introduce to you - The Grooms.


  1. Isn't it so lovely to get all "frocked - up" for a special event?(not that it happens seemingly at all these days..moan moan) And I LOVE your shoes they are so pretty. I've never been to a gay wedding before but it seems that it's not just on the TV that they go a little overboard!!! Looked like it was a great day.

  2. Wild! We don;t do nearly as "dressing up" for most of our weddings.

  3. Oh that is brilliant! Thank you so much for sharing with us - a day to remember forever and ever. x

  4. Fantastic! What a brilliantly glam event and what a hat! Those grooms are looking gorgeous. Looks as though you all had a magic time.

    Just visited Mrs Locket. Were you on the razzle with her at the weekend too?

  5. wow - what a great event. And loved the shoe tour :)

  6. oh my gosh, it looks so glam! how fun! and I love the hat. (sometimes I wish we wore hats to American weddings, but then I think we'd feel stupid, like a bunch of silly Americans in hats. doesn't quite work)

  7. GREAT pics !! Loving those shoes too

  8. i don't blame you for taking so many pics of yr shoe coz they are really beautiful!!!! :)

  9. Yippee, I know who you are now!
    Thankyou for my swap it is just lovely and you've been such a fun swap partner. I loved the secret emails...very clever!!

  10. Oh, the glamour! All looks wonderful, and I *adore* the grooms' outfits. Gorgeous photos.

  11. Thanks for taking us to the wedding I haven't been to a wedding in a long time.......Joyrene's..... I'm pleased to say is still selling frock LOL.

  12. Great pics of a great occasion. Looks like a lot of fun - and definitely worthy of a frock. The signs on the toilet door were hilarious and again... definitely worth a mention and a pic or two.
    Cheers to happy celebrations!

  13. i see what you mean about the shoe obsession, but boy, what some shoes! all looks very glam, would have liked a pic of you in your glad rags tho!


  14. I am too jealous for words!

    And just look at how regal the Princess is (we're SO not worthy!)

    Loving the hemline, shoes, hat - and the goitered Big-Bird look is so totally YOU!

    ps: I'd be forever grateful if you could sneek me some of the bridal jacket fabric - it is GORGEOUS!!!!

  15. Look at you in your fancy schmancy shoes and frock...and big bird hat!!

    If we meet up this summer I insist that you wear your big fat gay wedding gear :)

    The day looks wonderful and I have to stifle a giggle at the image of you photographing feet all day!!


  16. That looks like the most fabulous wedding ever!

  17. I don't know how I missed this post - but I'm so glad I found it as it is a real treat! really lovely and at times very funny - what a wonderful wedding! And doesn't Princess C-Dub look gorgeous- love that dimple! When are you going to show us what YOU look like????