Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Boxes I can tick.

The one about the mini-quilts. Watch your postbox Locket!

The one about the pincushion swap. The rather divine Jo in Tas has graciously received my humble offering.

The one about beginning crafted Christmas presents. It doesn't decount it that I have also ripped it back to nothing, right?

The one about finishing, sewing up, pressing, handing over and seeing worn Baby Will's cardi wot I made. It isn't too big at all - he's put on more weight, yay!

The one about finally buying tickets for TGTH (the great trip home). Although CK has gone a funny colour and I may have to sell at least one child to pay for it.

The one about tidying the laundry. It was beginning to terrify me. Has anyone read 'Dirk Gently'? I had a fridge thing going on.

The one about carting loads of crap (literal and metaphorical) to the tip. What? We have dogs...

The one about using my daughter as an excuse to purchase MORE fabric. I don't know why you are all looking like that - you would do the same thing!!

The one about sorting out yarn and needles to take to a knitting group start-up in a couple of weeks. Actually this one is a lie b/c (and bless me gods for I am lousy) I really don't want to take any yarn from my stash that I like and I like it all, even the cheapy 100% acrylic. You have no idea how difficult it was to part with the balls I put into THE BOX and they were going to people I 'know' and like!

And finally I can tick the one that reads

Survived first day of holidays with only minor tempests from smalls except for Pr.C-Dub's mahoosive teatime episode. Apparently 'it isn't fair!!' Huh, who knew??


  1. are coming HOME? That is so awesome! I'm sure all your family here in Oz miss you enormously. When will you be here? Hope it's after the weather improves...cause it sucks big time right now :(
    I'm totally getting you on the Dirk Gently thing...too scary!!!! LOL.

  2. Ah, congrats on your amazing list, especially the survung the first day thing. We did too; though I nearly spoke sarcastically (steady!) to one of the other mums at the pool who overheard me suggesting to the elder daughter that if she was going to speak rudely to me we would just go home - the annoying woman commented "Oh, and it's only the first day of the holidays!". Humph.

  3. Hi & Thanks for poping in the other day! I just donated all of my Moms knitting yarn (filled my truck) to a volunteer center ... sadly I never got the knitting bug despite her years of attempting to teach me.
    Hope all is well & you have a great week.

  4. Love your list Trashy - especially the first one!!!! All excited now!

    Please tell me that the first week of the holidays is the hardest when you have to adjust to having little kippers around all the time - it will get easier won't it? Please?

  5. Today is our first whole day of holidays - so far so good. However, this could be because No.1 is still asleep (teenager in training!)


  6. Well done on your list and well done on surviving the first day of the holidays! My darling fifteen year oldhas already told me not to shout at him and then gone off in a huff... I didn't honestly!

  7. great job on the list trashy, i'm impressed - school hols are a doddle once they are old enough to get a holiday job! the down side, for me any way, is having to transport them there and back!

  8. Oh yes - we had a good first day until bedtime when Minx threw a big hissy 'cos I asked her gently to make sure her room would be tidy enough for Grandma and Grandpa to sleep in this weekend. Apparently I'm mean expecting HER to tidy up all HER mess. Shame on me for only giving her three weeks notice!!

    Hopefully, said Grandparents should prove a nice distraction fo her this weekend!

    Good luck missus :)

    If you fancy meeting up with the beasties in the next couple of weeks that'd be fab!


  9. Wow, what a list! Puts me to shame! Love the idea of using your daughter as an excuse to buy fabric - murky yet intriguing. Could you elaborate?

  10. Glad you survived the first day - think I might have to write my oen list and get something done.