Monday, 7 July 2008


You should go visit that wonderwoman. She's only had that Orlando Bloom fella stop by and perch on her blog sidebar!!!!! Phwoaaaaaaaaaaarrr!


  1. Why is he phwoaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrr???? He's no David Tennant you know!

  2. Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog - and for leaving a comment too!! Love it..
    Yes, hmm , he's not bad but gimme Rupert Penry-Jones any day! (Sad name but gee he's cute!)
    Yes, my Dad is pretty clever I must say - but you should see my Mum...:)
    Thanks, Kathryn.

  3. Orlando Bloom? He's but a mere boy! Give me Bradley Pitt any day. Or Christian Bale. Or Viggo Mortensen .... but only in his Aragorn get-up. But if you could give me anyone, give me Goran Visnjic .... PLEASE!!


    ps. Your post of a few days ago is duly noted and is currently being processed. We hope to have a satisfactory outcome shortly.

  4. Sorry MM but Vigo is mine and has been for along time, as has Johhny Depp. You can borrow Bradley and Goran.

    Trash - I can leave you safe in the knowledge that Orlando is all yours. Unless he's dressed as Legolas in which case HE'S mine too!!


  5. Well I'm sorry, but none of them is James McAvoy. Well, *obviously*, but you get my meaning.

  6. I'm with Dotty...James McAvoy beats out those other guys. :p Except maybe the Rupert dude. I've never heard of him, so I reserve comment on him. :lol: