Thursday, 21 August 2008

Errr... Missus Moogsmum?

I have to say I think your Team GB is whupping our tanned and toned Australian butt (note I say a collective 'our', not mine?).

And I'm good with that massive British haul of gold. It will set y'all up nicely for 2012. And heaven knows the country will need some positive boost to offset the moaning the media will (have) share from Sunday on.

So tell me..... did you want fabric or yarn?


  1. MMMmm.... I think I might have to eat my words too Trashy!!! I didn't realise that Team GB had had so much money invested in them. I guess it will all help for London won't it? Kathryn.

  2. And to think we moved to Australia almost ten years ago simply for their Olympic medal-winning ability...! How wrong were we? I was only saying to DH last night that the Brits had probably won more medals in this Olympics than in the previous 4 combined.

  3. I thought of you last night as those medal tables flashed up on the news! Like you say - it will be good for 2012 though.

  4. its not over yet! but i think we did good this time and its nice to wake up to good news for a change!
    should have put a bet on!!!!

  5. I was too much of a cynical old grump to join in but now I find myself smiling when I see the medal league tables, and getting rather excited at the cycling etc.

    I did hear something quite funny the other day though - most of the GB medals are for 'sitting down' sports. Nice cup of tea anyone? A biscuit?

  6. I'm amazed at how well GB has done - I really thought Lesley would be sending you a parcel not the other way round!

  7. I could have wet my pants (sorry) when I saw how well team GB did in the Olympic medal table. You're right, we're never NEVER up that high normally, so bloody hooray for little ole us - it's about time we had something to cheer about!

  8. I wasn't ignoring this post - I was incommunicado in Cornwall...watching the Olympics in a state of shock as the GB medal haul just grew and grew!
    After week one I was getting ready to go fabric shopping!

    So we beat you by a whole medal...and how we are going to gloat about our sporting prowess for the next four years!!

    As I said in my email my dear Mrs T - I'll let you choose the prize :)


  9. Ha! I enjoyed the whole Olympic extravaganza SO much more when I knew that there would have to be grovelling down at Trash Manor.