Thursday, 21 August 2008

Put me in charge of 2012. I'll make it work.

This year I have been watching the Olympics since the opening ceremony. Usually Australia is right at the front of the teams march past so I get the best of everything - all the pretty/cultural/fun parts of the ceremony, see my country walk out waving the flag and then I can turn the telly off and go about my daily life until the closing ceremony. Beijing 2008 saw me sitting in front of the telly for HOURS during the opening ceremony!

Also Babyman (henceforth to be known as 'DestructoBoy' - 'but a goodie DestructoBoy, make sure you tell your bloggers that Mama, I'm a goodie DestructoBoy!') has been glued to the television every morning watching the dedicated freeview Olympic channels and BBC1 breakfast roundup. The first Saturday we were lazing on the yellow couch watching Ben Ainslie zip miles ahead of the competition in the sailing and I was trying to explain the premise of competitive watercraft (HA! Like I would know!) when he suddenly shouted out 'That one is cheating!' and pointed to the camera speedboat. I smile at his earnestness and innocence, my sweet DestructoBoy.

As we snuggled on the couch I was transported back to the 1976 Olympics. The first ones I remember. I lay on the couch with my Dad watching the steeplechase and trying to find the Irish runner and cheering hard for him to win. Until my big brothers came in and convinced me I should actually be barracking for the Aussies! It was a great moment to share with my boy and I hope he will have the memory of it.

But now for the important question -how will Britain dress for the Olympics?

You know each country themes its Olympics, especially for the girlies carrying the medals out for distribution - just this month they were all cheongsammed up. I can't remember what the Grecian girlies had on but the Australian chickies in 2000 were clad in Drizabone coats, Akubra hats and R.M.Williams boots. So in four years time what will the laydeees of Britain be wearing?

I can't decide between 'Shabby Chic' or 'Vintage Country House' or 'a la Vivienne Westwood'?

Currently I am going for a frock or swing coat with a cabbage rose pattern on a pale blue background.

Anyone got suggestions for the ribbons the medals hang from? I think a lovely floral don't you?


  1. Trashy help me out here.....Tony has been banging on here about ads while watching the Olympics(he goes on and on) are there ads on British TV. He said in England there are no ads while you watch the games?????? hoping things have changed so I can tell him to !!!!!!!!

  2. HA! My brother-in-law and I were discussing this very question yesterday - we will never equal the spectacle of the Beijing ceremony.

    We decided they'd probably go for a couple of thousand Vicky Pollard lookalikes artfully spelling out the word 'Woteva' :)
    Surrounded of course by all the latest reality show buffoons and media hungry zzz list 'celebs'.
    ( I obviously have high hopes!!)

    As for the medals - why they'll be chocolate coins of course. As evinced by my daughter's ridiculous new school shoes with a doll in one heal and her wardrobe in the other (wtf Clarks???!) - you don't get anything in this odd little country anymore without an extra pressie of some sort!

    Maybe they'll do medals that open up and have a crappy plastic toy inside....


  3. Just chuckling at Lesley's comment! Perhaps hoodies with very baggy trousers, and, of course, a scary scowl. Nice look!

  4. ermmmm, dunno about the clothes etc but I deffo think you should be put in charge of it all!

  5. I'm with Lucy - I think you should be in charge. And can we all come and help?

  6. I am plugging the whole Tower of London Beefeater look with matching red and black ribbons. The medal podium could be crenallated.

  7. *I* shall be wearing "chic vintage shabby country house...AS FASHIONED BY dame vivienne"!

    i'm wearin' that *NOW* actually.

    (& i look stunnin'!)