Tuesday, 30 September 2008

freak weather conditions...

... on Dorset hilltop lead to extremely stressed hausfrau.

We had some rain here today, it reminded me of Summer;-)

We also had some gusty winds.

I was good hausfrau on Sunday afternoon and began the sort out on my green house (house which is green not glass-paned structure filled with delicious homegrown vegetables) in the garden. It was very exciting. I found lots of fabulous things that I had actually painted! Not finished you understand but painted.

Except this one.

This was finished and ready to hang. And I even hung it, drilling holes in the wall and everything! This fella is in the Peter Ompir style.

I also found this

This is a little pegboard. The lighting is a bit crubbish so the picture of the whole thing was rubbish but the colours are really good in it. The whole thing is approx. three peg sections long. I love this lil bird. This one is finished too.

There were also some Christmas things. This perky wee fella and lid are half finished, just a few more strokes on his beard and a thick coating of varnish will make it 100% done. Sadly as he has been languishing for some years 'oot ther' he has become a little rusty on the edges but I shall call it shabby chic ;-)

This is a Jamie Mills-Price pattern. (note rust spots)

This morning I put out several boxes of crubbish - old paper, new paper that got damp, boxes of skanky china dolphins someone gave me years ago (why??). It was a good feeling.

This is the other Christmassy thing I freed from my indolence. Now I have (finally) glued his feet on it is another outing for the varnish then WHAMMO! he is done. Of course I also must varnish the three Wise Men who sit in those spaces then perform a little jiggery pokery construction then voila! another finished item. But he is cute, no?

Finally I have my delightful bin.

Tres grown-up and elegant I think?

Now this I really should finish but am kind of stuck on those pointy bits. The painting there is all fiddly and I need to 'think' about it some more.

So back to the freak weather.....

In September!! Would you credit it?!?!?

One of the side effects of this clear-out was boxes lying around waiting to be assigned new lives. The rubbish had gone out and I had nearly cleared my desk. This left just one little box and I was going to see if a friend wanted its contents. Next time I looked out the front door it was just as if there had been a blizzard blow through.

This was the content of the box spread wide across my garden. I spent the next hour sweeping up wet bloody polystyrene beads. As the wind blew. And the rain came down. I was less than amused. (Some may say they were leopardmonkey guts ;-)

Because this post doesn't have enough pictures I want to show you the box I did for my Russian Doll swap giftee.

I was a little chuffed with this one because I made it all up myself. The words in Cyrillic writing around the outside read 'Happy Days'.

I liked it so much I have done the whole thing again on a tray for my house :-)


  1. oooh, Trash, you are a clever bird, aren't you?
    Are you sure it wasn't snow?

  2. Abso-blummin-lutely fantabulous painting there Mrs Trash - as Katy says, you are a clever bird!

    Such a shame about the "snow" though!!!

    Locket xxx

  3. I was SURE that the white stuff was hail. Must have been an illness induced illusion.

    ps: great painting btw :) want to design a Christmas card for me? Every year TBG says he is going to do it - we're on our 7th "Hallmark Christmas", and counting!

  4. LOVE your painting! In my pre-child life I used to do a lot of folk painting, I even had a dedicated space set up and used to disappear every eveing to dabble with my brushes but now there is no space. Humph. Might have to reclaim the spare room ... I have boxes and boxes of acrylics stored away and I bet they've all dried up now.

  5. You are a dark horse Missus!! Fancy having all that lot of painted goodness secreted away. You could reinvent yourself as a narrowboat painter....or not...

    Snow? Already? Freaky!!!


  6. Is that snow or hail or polystyrene balls? Or maybe all 3?

    Hey, you painted all that stuff? It's bloody brilliant - and I just love the Russian Doll. Clever old you. Not that you're old of course. But then you might be 'cos I've never met you.

  7. Hello there!

    Mum asked me to drop by and make sure you were going to return for leftovers tonight. She was worried that you looked a little hungry when you left.

    So wonderful to have you join us the other night, and so much fun to visit you now..... lots of reading for me to do as I get to know you!

    Kind regards from Sydney,

  8. OOF! you are so frickin' clever with yer paints and yer brushes! (not that i'm jealous!) (ok, a bit!) (ok, i've turned chartreuse what with the envy--SATISFIED?!)

    and yet i am gracious enough to wish you CyaTnNBble for the weekend!!! :) :) :)