Thursday, 2 October 2008

Should I proclaim myself 'something'?

I have a follower (Hello Kristie! waves). I am ever so chuffed to think anyone reads this blog - (seriously, how did any of you find me?) and now I have a follower.

Is it incumbent on me to do anything for this following I have built? (Hmmm...can one be a 'following'?) Should I be making proclamations?

'Crafting is good.'
Or perhaps 'Donkeys rule!!'

Need I set out strictures by which to live?

You know, something like

Notes for a blogging crafter, this is the word of Trash.

'Make space for self.'

'Share of your time, productivity and friendship.'

And each recital of anyone of these phrases could be completed with

'This is Trash Talk today.'

This is a matter of great seriousness to me. I have a following, a girl has to stand up and be counted when she has responsibilities y'know.

Shall retreat now to my cave atop a hill to ponder this issue further. Pronouncement to follow.


  1. You are a benevolent and wise deity, oh Trash.


  2. No Stomper girl, you've got it all wrong! She's just plain batty! But that's why we love her!

    Locket xx

    P.S. I think she's been pinching the dog's medicine again

  3. Well, Mrs T, you're going to be surprised when I tell you that in my bloglines it says you have 24 subscribers to your blog!

    How Almighty do you feel now?

  4. Having a follower is all well and good - but what's up with the dogs testicles? Please tell us he's got his heat out of the lampshade by now!

  5. found you - and am following now!

    April xx

  6. You have, as ever, completely lost me. What on earth are you on about? And as for putting green writing on a green background - I'm getting old and the eye sight is not what it used to be. Come on Trashy, spare a thought for us oldies!!!

    Follower? Yes, I'm one of those. Bit like sheep. I'll go anywhere there's yarn and lunacy. (You seem to have the second of these in abundance!)

  7. ah ha - you are not alone, i too have a follower, who is a lovely lady - but i don't know how one becomes a follower!!
    quit the colours tho - even with my glasses on i struggle to read some of the colours!! and i wouldn't want to miss anything!!


  8. I love you too Trashy - does this make me - and others a 'Trashophile' or perhaps a 'Trashciple'?

    Oh, and I don't mind the green on green - it's harder to see, but what's a little exercise for one's eyeballs on a Thursday?


  9. It always amazes me that anyone would want to read about my life too. I love blogging. I don't know why but I do.

  10. As the first *official follower* I am quite partial to be known as a Trashciple...but then what does that make my 5 followers???? Kristians???

    btw: I found you through Lauren's blog...I wondered who this crazy Aussie chick living in England was so I can to check you out. You made me laugh....what can I say, I have a warped sense of humour :)

  11. I found you via Lucy Lockets and then again as my secret swapper and are now are devoted Tashciple. Your words and wit always crack me up! All Hail Trashie!!

  12. I don't know about a follower...I'm more a sort of 'shuffle along in the wake of' kind of girl. I'm quite happy to be known as a Trashciple, especially if it involves donkeys ruling...


    btw. the green on green thing did for me too but I appreciate Kitty's point about it being good exercise.

  13. Am I your follower? How would I know it was you I am following? How does one become a follower? Is there an audition process? Will it require a sports bra?

  14. i agree w/BOTH ms stomper and la locket: you are benevolent, wise, AND batty! hey, that's why *I'M* here!!! :)

    (btw, all of your pronouncements are extremely helpful and/or t'riffic...keep 'em coming...your lucrative best-selling self-help book deal is surely imminent!)

    (ps: when you are a famous crafting/lifestyle guru will you record for me the daytime tv talkfest classic that shall surely become known as "TRASHA ON TRICIA"?!?! ta v much!)

  15. I have an image of crocheted tablets with the Rules for a Trashy life...

    1. Each morning lie on your ripple blanket facing in the direction of Trashy Towers and ponder the meaning of life...