Friday, 5 September 2008

Have been a little bit crafty recently

Did you know Ric-Rac is the blog repository of loads of very smashing blog links? Seriously, after I check my mail and blog I head on over there and read through all the blogs she shows off in her pretty little sidebar.

This one has, in among all it its other loveliness, a pattern for the Ruby doll. Now, you may be like me and assume that once this doll was made you were to be showered with rubies. Or you may actually have logically considered reality. However, this is the doll I made from this very straightforward pattern.

She is quite sweet really, isn't she? Except she seems to be in a position of surrender. I keep telling her to put her arms down but to date she continues to give up (plus she seems to be somewhat of a sulky moo, not sure we want her to be in our gang anyway!).

I liked doing this pattern so much I cut out another straight away. However this time? 'We're gonna get funky!!' I played with the layout of the face shapes and got a little carried away with the embroidery (using that term loosley!). Still need to figure out the hair on the sleeping one but as I have cut out today's work twice it can go and live in the 'one day'pile for a few days.

I will do something about 'sleepy one' having a needle through her nose. I shall take it out and save the idea for another doll; perhaps Papua New Guinean or maybe punk. Hmmmmm.....

A few weeks ago Giovanna and I went mooching around the top end of the S.W and discovered this fabulous little shop selling Amy Butler patterns and a selection of rather fabulous material. I gave into temptation and bought an A.B. bag pattern. Locket said it would be very tricky and complicated but I think she was just being mean b/c I wouldn't let her have my pattern. So bleaurgh to Missus Locket and I shall now show off my rather whizzy bag.

I can't won't show a picture of the lining b/c the photo I took turned out quite Ob/Gyn! Not that it looks that way on real life I hasten to add!!

Again I liked it so much I cut the pattern again straight away. The tartan (Hunting Stewart I think. Anyone?) is an old Land's End flannelette shirt I loved very much in its day. Apart from anything else this was my travel shirt, I cannot begin to count how many plane trips to Aus this has made! So I love that it is getting a new lease of ife as a handbag. Plus Giovanna and Sylv will be thrilled that I am reusing some of the crubbish that lies around my house.

So far the exterior is just pinned. I was trying the gingham out for a lining - what do y'all think???

There is more but I have either pulled it out or ripped it back or can't find it in the depths of my small boy's room!


  1. I really like the gigham as the lining!

  2. Blimey missus - that's one heck of a lot of crafty gorgeousness!!

    Is Ruby Doll MkII going to be less submissive? So glad that was a pin in sleepy one's face...thought it was a bone...see you thought that too :)

    I love love love your new bag. The fabric is gorgeous - what is it, where's it from, huh???

    Locket's told me I can't do Amy Butler either so I may have to try one now that you have!!

    Can't wait to see the tartan one finished. Very Bay City a good way of course...can there be a good way with Bay City Rollers?
    Maybe it's more Rod Stewart?

    Shall I just shut up?



  3. Loving that bag - better than any Orla Kiely number I've ever seen. Hmm, might have to rob it next week. Look a leopard! - and...bag gone. The fabrics on those dollies are pretty fab too. Perhaps that dolly isn't a sulky submissive moo but has seen Locket's quilt and is rather excited. It was THIS big!!!

  4. Ha! I LOVE the description of your picture of the bag being 'Ob/Gyn'! That's brilliant. I know just what you mean!

    That is a lot of crafty goodness there Mrs Trash - I love it all. Perhaps someone is pointing a gun at Miss Ruby? Or maybe she's at the bit in 'The Hokey Cokey' where you have to 'arms stretch'? There could be any number of reasons. Poor thing - her arms must ache, surely?

    Those bags are gorgeous - I especially like the tartan one. I really really really must get round to 'doing' a bag sometime. Mrs Moogsmum told me ages ago about gussets, and I've forgotten it all.

    Oh well.

    Sorry about the mahoosive comment. I'm missing blogging, so have taken to leaving blog-post sized comments in other bloggers' comment boxes.

    :-) x

  5. Hey trashy, now I get to blow raspberries at locket as well - as I have commented before her !!!
    As for your little bit of crafting - you have done heaps - has Annie been over kicking your butt!

  6. Lots of lovely crafty goodness there!Especially love the bags and the tartan one. Not sure it's Hunting Stewart... Mr Fan my Flame's Kilt is Hunting Stewart and that has a dark green background. I think Lesley is right... very Bay City Rollers!

  7. Just wiping Jodie's spit off my face from that massive raspberry!

    Very clever makings there missus! Please accept my profuse apologies - I'm clearly the only thicko who finds AB's instructions scary!!!

  8. Such will have a colour co-ordinated bag for each outfit if you keep it up.

  9. Very lovely craftiness, and I am completely impressed with the AB bag(s) - I have the pieces cut out for her weekender bag but I have a feeling I'll never actually sew them together!

  10. Wow - looks great! I didn't know you were so crafty. I'm going to have to take some cues here and follow along once I get my sewing machine set up again!

  11. i love the tartan bag and the lining is great - you are on a roll!


  12. The sewing looks great.

    You said "crubbish".


  13. I love the red gingham for the lining of the purse.

  14. LOVE the gingham...pattern-on-pattern... (with maybe a little extra pattern!) *GOOOOOD*!!!

    *love* the idea of making the dear departed travelling shirt into a bag and thus keeping it always! (now THAT is recycling!)

    loooooove that apple pattern i can see in the back of the 1st AB purse! is that a table cloth or...?! VERY cool! (love the AB purse, as well, for that matter!)

    love the dolls! i like to think that doll #1 is neither moody nor surrendering, but rather, dancing rapturously to the dreamy music only she can hear! (not that *i* do that or's just an impression i have!)

  15. LOVE your purses... and you are totally cracking me up!!! That doll is too cute, but you're right... she looks like she's being held up :))