Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Yes Folks, that's right! The time is now!

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It has been sooooooo long since the rather fabulous WMK accepted me into her 'good people' programme I am beginning to feel a bit of shame creeping in around the edges.

What is supposed to happen is that when the good person sends out a special parcel to you you have a year to send on something else to three other people.
Hmmmm ... fell right at that first hurdle!

So here I publicly declare to you all that as of now the first three people who indicate in the comments that they would like to join the 'good people programme' will receive from me a 'something' handmade. Just remember to send the 'good people vibe' out into the world again to another three people.


  1. Me please - need something to get me off my fat a**e and do some sewing!!


  2. Hello!!! Well done for being a goodly bod - but sorry I can't play along this time! Too many PIFs still to send out already - including one that is already over its one year deadline - whoops!!!

  3. Do good ppl turn bad if they sign up to be the PIF person of the person they PIF'd?

    Just asking...

  4. Am I too late? I'm comment #4 but LL says she can't play.
    I'd love to do this.

  5. and me, and me and me,...... please!!!

  6. damn am too late - could i get the sympathy vote as i was at the dentist for 2 and a half hours today!"!!


  7. Ooh, never been part of a PIF - would have loved to join in but 1) too late and 2) reliability with making stuff not my strong point just now due to well, you know what. Boo. Looking forward to seeing the goodness though - pictures please!

    On another topic, are the Trash clan carnivores?

  8. Oh bums ... am I too late? Drat.

    Oh well - I look forward to seeing what you send out to your 'good people' :-D


  9. Think I must be too late but would love to play!!

    April xx