Tuesday, 21 October 2008

He's gone.

Left yesterday morning. Went back to his house to try and sort out 'alien' child.

Speaking only for myself and not this establishment's general management let me say - I think it will take more than a few minutes chat to sort that child out. Something more along the lines of some elocution lessons, a class or two in deprtment and six weeks basic military training. With hard labour.

Computer still very not happy. Am using Aust. b-i-l's old one he gave to Babyman DestructoBoy.

Anyone remember the scene in new Dr.Who when the Doctor regenerates and turns into David Tennant? I feel a bit like that "'s funny, new teeth. Well, new everything really." Finding my way around this keyboard is proving somewhat odd. I may not even edit the weirdo typos that appear as I construct a post so you all can join in the regeneration process with me.

Feeling a little disjointed. The hour is late and the crafting supplies stretch from the ironing board in the kitchen through the living room culminating in a huge heap in the dining room. However the end result of all this mayhem is a pencil roll for Pr. C-W to take to a birthday party on Saturday. Yay me!

Oo! Oo! I knew there was something I had to ask all you clever innernet folk...... please can someone explain to me why my Gr(yr) 2 son is being taught to add up starting with the tens??? His scientist father is about to have a nervous breakdown at the senselessness of it all....



  1. Breathing sigh of relief on your behalf at departure of your visitor. Adding up with tens first... one of life's mysteries (and that's coming from an ex maths teacher)... I don't understand!

  2. Glad to hear you have your house back and have some spece now for the imminent arrival of the Box!

    As to the maths - my six year old has been taught 'one more than, one less than', then numbers that 'buddy up' to make ten, then counting 10,20,30 etc - the idea is they can then add up larger numbers by partitioning them up into tens and units, and it does seem to be working. Sorry if that's not what you meant!

  3. yay!!! house to yourself again! long time since mine did 'tens' so am gonna be no help there at all!!
    glad you are still able to chat tho even with a new keyboard!!


  4. Good to hear you are guest-free once again. I think I actually heard your sigh of relief from here!!

    Don't ask me about the counting in tens thing. I can't make head nor tail of half the stuff my two have to do. Did I suffer for not knowing how to write a non-chronological report at the age of 7?

    No is the answer to that...in case you were wondering!


  5. Wait - starting with the TENS? does that mean skipping 1+1 and going straight to 10+10? Or the "tens" column in a three digit number?

    Do your schools do "sight words" when teaching reading? I am SO unprepared for TLG to start "real" school - than goodness for Montessori.

    ps: who formulates these educational "best practices"?????

  6. Aaarrrgggghhhh ... the dreaded 'partitioning' in Maths. I never did get the hang of it. Just tell CK that eventually they will teach your boy to do it 'properly', they just go through this weird phase first.


  7. HOORAY for gone-ness!!!!!!!!!! now how quickly can you pack up & move the fam to belgium?! (he'll NEVER find you there!!!) :)

    btw, you have hit upon one of my very very favorite lines from dr. who...and the one that made me think...at the end of season one when said eccleston was leaving...that i might be still going to like the show! (& i do!)

  8. I had that Dr Who experience when I swapped over to Vista on the work computer. It feels like I am working with one hand tied behind my back.

    Sometimes it's just so good to see the back of someone...