Tuesday, 21 October 2008

It's heeeeerrrreeee!!!!!!!!

THE BOX has made it home safe and sound - you guys weren't kidding about the tape on that sucker, were you?

I have taken three thousand and twelve million photies unfortunately this very old computer isn't really a friend when it comes to dowloading my pictures so that shall have to wait. But you are all so amazingly kind and generous and lovely and wonderful and I shall be offering proposals of marriage to you all at some point.

The only thing that has come back to me is the balls of red (burgundy, maroon, etc) yarn and quite honestly I am chuffed b/c I really liked that yarn.

Once I finally got inside THE BOX I found a veritable Aladdin's cave - yarn, beads, gold, patterns, oh, oh, oh!!!!

I have put together a list to tide you over until there are pictures. If you recognise something you put in these please let me know. In case you didn't get my email or are choosing to ignore me (ha! as if!!)

two balls of *sparkly gold* green, v. soft yarn brand RYC. (Is this Rowan, I don't know??)
two balls of multi-hued blue/green Debbie Bliss yarn
A watercolour paper pad v. pleased to see this as donkeys take up a lot of paper ;-)

a set of watercolour pencils
a box of small beads (greens, pinks and some metallicy ones)
a skein pink lacing braid
spool of gold thread
a bag of blue and pale blue and white beads
bag mixed buttons
Pre-stamped, cross-stitch baby bib
Portable stitch storer spool gadget thing
'All Our Yesterdays' cross-stitch kit of children on a beach
a Melly & Me 'Mrs Perkins' pattern
fabulous lime green, blue and chartreuse floral pattern fat quarter
three pieces of v. delicate, pretty floral swiss cotton
Elements Star bead necklace kit
1 'fat quarter metre' of pretty flowerpots w flower on pale background
'Village Fabrics'
Elephant wooden spoon kit and dinosaur pencil pot kit
purple bead bracelet in pretty bag
Brown w small geometric pattern fat quarter.
A teddy bear kit with patterns for both Noggin and Nutmeg

Some huge thank yous on top of the already grateful and joyous thank yous I expressed before.

Lesley over at Moogsmum who has made me a real ass in the course of this swap ;-)DottyCookie who made a fantastic set of stitch markers AND THEN put them on a teenyweeny little piece of knitting with titchy needles. It is so wonderous that I shall be backing it, attaching a pin to have myself a fabulous brooch!
Kitty who sent me a sweet card.
Gina sent me something I have longed for for some time - a tin (right there I was pleased) of cupcake papers and flags from Momiji. *le sigh*

Last but not least was the presence of The Blue Guy in the box. It was mentioned to me at some point as THE BOX made its way around the troops and I had assumed this was the Blue Guy who played in people's homes and then went back to WMK tell all. But this one came with a passport and his very own camera so I have my fingers crossed that he will be allowed to stay :-)

It has been great fun to have organised this lazy man's swap. I know that Snailblazer's original Box Swap has also recently returned home to roost. She and I are currently in talks about a U.K. v. Aus BOX SWAP in 2009. I shall keep you posted.............


  1. sounds fascinating - can't wait to see the pictures and like the idea of another one - so I can take part!

    April xx

  2. Wooohooo!!!! Well done you on organising this great fun swap! I think a couple of my bits might have made it to the house on the hill :)

    Glad you like your cute little ass ;-)

    Can't wait to see the photos....hurry up and show us will ya?


  3. I'm so glad you got so many lovely goodies - you definitely deserved to after all the hard work you put into organising it! You just need to sort your stoopid computer out so we get to see the photos!

    Locket x

  4. Seconding comments of Moogs and LLP : )

    HUGE sigh of relief that Blue Guy* and his camera weren't confiscated by the Aussie authorities!

    *Dude - I totally sent the one-and-only BG. Absolutely no substitutes for Trashy! And yes, he is yours to keep or re-gift as you please. (Stopping myself from launching into a recitation of the "If You Love Something Set It Free..." quote we were all enthralled with when we were young romantics!)

  5. This was a brilliant swop, thanks for organising it. I was worried that you'd find almost everything you put in there.

  6. Hooray and Hurrah! The Box has returned to the house on the hill. Well, I know it's not the same box which left, but in the way that parents replace a dead pet so the children don't get upset, I hope the replacement box brought a warm glow to your heart.

    I didn't get an email????
    Should I have got an email????
    Should I have a tantrum and stamp my foot because I didn't get an email???


  7. It was fan-blooming-tastic fun, thank you for letting me jump in at the last minute! Blue Guy very nearly didn't make it back to you - he had a LOT of cuddling in this house, and now I have had to promise to make one for my two, argh.

  8. woweee - hurray for you - soo glad you got lots of goodies for organising the swap!!!

    am a bit worried about the cute ass remarks!!!!


  9. Fantabulous fun Trash! Brilliant swap! All the bits I put in seem to have gone before it got back to you so really pleased you like the cupcake tin.
    G x

  10. It all sounds wonderful.

    now about including us aussies in the next one????
    do tell...................


  11. Not only have you organised an amazing swap but you are definitely one of the new friends I refer to.

    Thank you for all your support.


  12. sounds like a good assortment of goodies. I had a lot of fun with this - what a nice idea!

  13. email? I haven't had an email....
    the box was MARVELLOUS, wasn't it?

  14. i too long for photos... (especially of said "BLUE GUY"!) ...in the meantime may i say what a COOL idea...and fabulous forum for displaying your organizational flair!!! :)

  15. I wanna be in the Pom/Oz swap too! I have nominated you for a Friendship Award - play along if you want!