Saturday, 18 October 2008

He's here again.

My b-i-l is here for the weekend again.

Theoretically it is to prepare himself for looking after house and hounds while we swan off for TGTH. In reality it is to hide from the crap situation he has built for himself in his hometown. The crap involves several many women (I ask myself why. Another reason I know married the right brother ;-) as well as an alien child who is now 17.

Quite honestly, if he wasn't going home tomorrow I would probably get on the train myself. So far tonight he has said he likes my daughter now (therein followed a five minute diatribe of why she used to wind him up), that we are ripping off an elderly neighbour and that he is the king of any house he comes into and he will be in control. Now if alcohol makes you say all sorts of stupid stuff would this not be the gods' way of saying DON'T DRINK so much.

Locket, I haven't forgotten my promise from his last visit. Honest. I may just have had to rejig at some point.


  1. Oh crumbs Trashy - I can't remember what that promise was! I hope it wasn't anything too awful! And I hope the weekend goes nice and quickly for you! Me xxx

    P.S. word verif today is
    qxfe brvr

    surely that stands for #@*$ bruvver!

  2. Aaah, don't you just love it when the rellies come to stay?!

    Maybe when he house-sits you should hide all the alcohol before you leave. .... or I could look after it for you ....


  3. Only family can get away with being so mean - anyone else would be sent packing, from this house anyway.

    Sorry you're having to put up with it, Trashy - would it be too mean to wish him a hangover or will that just make it worse for you?!

  4. "and that he is the king of any house he comes into and he will be in control"


    Sounds a lot like someone I know ;-) x

  5. Sounds like a right pain in a**e!

    I just hope your dogs' bowels go into overdrive when he's dogsitting and he has to clear it all up with a raging hangover ;-)

    Does that sound a tiny bit spiteful?

    It does?



  6. omygod!!! poor you!! there must be some divine retribution you can reek - it being a sunday and all!!!
    are you cooking him dinner??? i can say no more!!!


  7. apparently baby bio is a very effective poison and quite untraceable... just an idea ;)

  8. Oh he sounds delightful! Poor you.

  9. He sounds like a pain and you sound like a good wife for letting him stay. Hope you make it through the next however long's left now x.

  10. OOF!

    i soooooo hear you on this one missus!!! sadly, even LHJ is not immune to having such a sibling; i call him the anti-jeff as he is both my darling's polar opposite AND entirely evil.

    such a pity that a friendly vet cannot be imposed upon to give them the ahem "black dog op"...and i'm not talkin' *EYES* here... :)

  11. .... not that I'm keen to even think about the whole catastrophic experience again, but you did ask ....

    My brilliant new shop COMPLETELY IGNORED STOCK CONTROL!! And it let 80 million people buy the same 7 monkees! .... ok, so it wasn't actually 80 million but you get the general idea.

    I break out into a hot sweat just thinking about the panic I had to get it "off air".

    Like I said .... awkward.


  12. Thanks for the positive thoughts for my Dad, we are still waiting for more tests to be done to know what we are dealing with

  13. my word. there is always a RIGHT brother, isn't there. glad you chose well!