Friday, 17 October 2008

Oh. Dear.

Yesterday I learned a salutory lesson or three - laptops are

) not water soluble

b) do not grow when water is applied


c) not at all responsive to the beneficial properties of a cold shower.

Through a fault all of my own (with some little physical assistance from a handy terence) my laptop had a rude awakening yesterday afternoon. One third of a cup of water knocked over onto its keyboard.

Overcoming the shake in my hands I threw a towel onto the keyboard, hopefully sucking out most of the water. I then rang CK and confessed my sin. Once past my surprise at his lack of emotion expressed I agreed that unplugging it from the mains was probably the best course of immediate action.

After some hours of it sitting keyboard down I booted up the computer and in that time a family of mice had taken up residence. They were not happy about the whirring noise apparently because MY GOD! they squealed. I turned it off quickly and didn't look at it for another 24 hours.

V. excited b/c early this afternoon it booted up. And then it opened up to my desktop (we each have one, we're dead posh here y'know ;-) I was left with a white screen. All white. Figuring this to be a bad thing I turned the whole thing off with the dead button.

CK worked his magic this afternoon, not only did he lose the white screen but he got the innernets back on. Yay for built-in tech support! Evidently the marriage licence was worth the money. But it didn't last. The computer living I mean. Not the marriage, that seems fine.

I am using an old laptop from Babyman's DestructoBoy's room. Having already made WMK gasp tonight I must confess there are six computers in this house. They range in age from 18 months to 12 years. Obviously the one I have potentially fatally maimed is the newest. So 'Tonight, Matthew I shall be playing on a very decrepit 5 year old laptop.'

Posting may be intermittent.


  1. Oh, yes.

    Been ther, done that....well nearly, water (well fluids anyway) went on table laptop was on; laptop din't like it!
    In this house computers get first priority! If they go wrong, they get repaired immidiately!
    I am not even going to attempt to count the number of computers in our house, leave it at, more than there are prople here!
    We are off tomorrow to find some more "goats" for youngest son's laptop; it won't play WOW properly. A big sin according to hubby!

  2. Laptops don't work any better after a cuppa either. Apparently you can't overclock your laptop using caffeine.

  3. Hmmm. That's why there should always be a no drinks near the computer rule (like in school)
    ...says she whilst drinking her tea...oooops, shit. F+$k B*&%$@&s

    hahahahahahaha, only joking, my computer is lovely and dry (ps, we have 3 computers in our house, and a broken one in the still win)

  4. OOopppsy! Does this mean you get a brand spanking new one to replace it?

  5. Wait. Did you say 6 computers? Do they all work?

    (I have 3, one is sitting unplugged in the junk room because I don't know the most earth-friendly way tyo get rid of it and the other is only alive because Vista doesn't play the kids fave CD-ROMS.)

  6. We have two pootas that work, one that is ok for playing games, and doing non-interweb stuff on, but nothing else.

    Thank you for the timely warning, I shall now take my cup of tea away from the poota and drink it over there. Or make myself a verrrrrry long straw.

    Hope you get back soon! x

  7. I once emptied a cup of coffee all over my work machine - at 5am, minutes before an important translatlantic business call for which I needed access to the talk I had written on my computer. Gulp.

    They are remarkably robust things.

  8. oh dear!!!! Lucky you have a few to choose from.

  9. Son no. one killed his laptop with a pint of water (well he said it was water!) but the insurance co. were very obliging and he got a new one!

  10. well at least you are here with us and that's the main thing!!##x

  11. uh oh! not the best way to treat your poota! Hope it gets better quickly! Locket xxx

  12. I'm glad CK finally gave in to your desperate plea for help and got you up and running again!

    We 'only' have three pooters. One work laptop that is in the loft 'cos it's c**p, my laptop that I bought from my old job that I now use for my new job and the sacred never to be abused family pc!

    That reminds me....must go dangle my laptop upside down to get all the crumbs out of the keyboard!


  13. hang on...did you say TWELVE YEAR OLD computer??!?! that's from what? the paleolithic era, innit?! ...i b'lieve the druids got one o'those right after they dumped stonehenge... :) :) :) (sorry)

  14. gosh, 6 computers - we are down to two, having replaced the newly dead one and got rid of a very old mac performa which has been lurking in the loft for some years (not sure how long, but i think it was originally bought in 1997 - heck, they didn't even have innernets in those days!)