Thursday, 13 November 2008

10 things that make me happy.

It is raining here today. Again.

I have read lots of blogs when I should have been doing other stuff.

I have been doing the other stuff but it has made me cough.

I think I will make a'Happy List'.

1. Watching my old dog sleep. For a biggish dog he can curl up very small.

2. Watching my black dog prepare himself for sleep on a cold day. His very fluffy tail is curled around to cover his nose and half his head. Everytime he does it I have stop and watch. It makes me smile.

3. Going painting. I did this last night and had a fabulous time. Those women make me laugh and the painting gods were smiling on me. Things were finished off.

4. Posting parcels and packages. I sent things off to April and also to Missus Stashbasket and a young man on the other side of the world. I hope all are pleasantly surprised with their mail.

5. Learning new things and finding them less complex than anticipated. I taught myself how to knit a picot edge this week.

6. Gifts from friends - I was given an 'official helper badge' this week.

7. Knowing there is only a month until we head for the sun.

8. Destructoboy.

9. Princess Curly-Wurly.

10. CK.


  1. I love your list and looking forward to receiving my parcel

    April xx

  2. Great thing to do on a totally miserable day like today. Great list too.


  3. Silly me: I thought you were saying that rain made yo happy. And reading blogs when you should be doing other stuff. And doing other stuff that makes you cough. (wondered why this one would make you happy. But, hey, who and I to judge?)

    Donkeys drawn by Trashy make me happy!

  4. What? Meeting up with the crazies doesn't make the top ten? We'll remedy that TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!
    See you under the clock or on platform nine and three quarters :-)


  5. HUMPH! I'm with Moogsy - surely we should be there - even if it is only at Number 11!

    Locket xxx

  6. I shall add my two pennethworth to Lucy and Moogsmum... I want to be in that top 10 after tomorrow!!!

    Gina x

  7. i'm sure we are just an oversight!!! maybe 10 and a half!!


  8. Sound like all good reasons to be happy, wish I could be joining you all tomorrow to or is it now today. I'm sure it'll make No.1 by the end of the day. Have a great time!!

  9. ciao thanks for your visit here in Italy.
    ciao ciao

  10. I loved my parcel - now much lighter than it was when postie brought it! Oh, and as the rain pours down over your house and mine (on the other side of the country) today's word verification is 'leakin'. Honest injuns.

  11. Good list, dude. Although, like WMK, at first I thought the rain was one of your happy things... but I got there in the end (sooo quick on the uptake, me...)

    PS Would love to go for the nearly-fully-gestated-person look tomorrow, but don't think I have time to perfect it overnight - shame :o(

    PPS Please don't tell NBM I said that because I'm s'posed to be resisting the urges of my currently-very-insistent biological clock: she's sticking fast to a 'no babies for at least 5 years' ruling. But I've been falling off the wagon a lot lately and going all clucky over fisher price adverts. *sigh*

  12. those are some excellent hapinesses, there! altho in my case, having to leave off "other stuff" (which i assume is chores of some description) due to a (in my case spuriously feigned) fit of coughing and being forced to aimlessly blog-surf onna rainy day...that WOULD have also made the list!!! :)