Monday, 23 February 2009

The First Trash Raffle Results - everything has been won by Sarah Harrison from Timbuctoo ;-)

Unfortunately not everyone gets a prize but I hope that you all feel like winners when I tell you that the total number of 'tickets' listed on the Bushfire Raffle spreadsheet was 2041. Which means together we raised


for The Australian (British) Red Cross Bushfire Appeal 2009.

It has taken some time for my poor old elbows to unfreeze after all that virtual folding of virtual tickets and lobbing them into my delightful purple plaid tweed fedora.

Knowing how to really live the wild life CK and I spent Saturday night cross-checking and collating the list of donations with the spreadsheet of ticket numbers and names. And to celebrate our imminent wedding anniversary we 'drew 20 names out of said glorious headwear' which translates as I used the Random Number Generator to get my 20 numbers but Ck was v. excited that it was a proper random 'interger generator' (He is such a science head!) I have emailed all the winners and things are in motion to get prizes out to their new homes.

Annabelle is off to live in Australia at the purplepaisleypatch.

Stine's sweet little monkey is heading to Julie in central England.
Our Shabby Cottage is going to be deluged as Mrs S.C. won the Phoenix card package and the Shabby Cottage children won Stella the Sock Monster!
This most amazing bag from was won by Quiltygal.
Lindi is about to become the new owner of Est's cushion cover.
Missus Stashbasket is sharing some of her collection with Kate Ramage.
Julie is the lucky recipient of Missus Moog's handpainted chair.
Christine someday soon will have the sweet-looking monkey arrive.
My new Canadian friend L.M. Laroque will be receiving the ric-rac soonest.
Tumbleweed Trails seems very excited about the prize she has won - the fabulous mixed media canvas
23 Beech Hill's parping pooch pouch is off to live with Debbie.
That stunning quilt from 'I'm A Ginger Monkey' is bound for Stateside for the home of the lovely Lauren.
D. Severtson will be receiving the pig and the wee knitted monkey from Eve's evocations.
Bec is going to love those bags from WMK as is Lynda K.
Mel A is going to love the cards from Kleinnzontje I feel sure.
Em-Ee-El should keep a look out for Kate North's fabric postcards.
The Russian Doll tray is going off to live with Locket.

And finally Marmalade the Cat.

He was won by Rosie K.

I got a reply to the 'you're a winner' email that thanked me very much for the prize but asked if it would be alright to offer it to the Toy Society so that they can find a much needed home for him with a child who needs a new friend. Aren't people nice?

This had such a good response and the need for assistance is going to be ongoing that I thought I might do another raffle later in the year.

Sorry this has taken so long to post but it is tricky typing with just one hand.


  1. $2,041!!!! That is fantastic!!! Thanks so much for all your hard work on this project! I would love to participate in another raffle - just let us know when!

  2. Well done to Trashy for organising this wonderful raffle and to all those people who donated their time and goodies. We will look forward to receiving said goodies in the post!!! I'm surprised you can even type at all with that smoochie poochie on your lap!

  3. You are the bomb Trashy - such awesome organisation...

  4. Wow you did such a fabulous job Trash! Well done you, and congrats to all the lucky winners.

  5. Uber congratulations to you Trash for (a) organising said event, and (b) raising that much dosh for the people affected. I take my hat off to you - it's not as beautifully crafted as yours, but one of the best M&S has ever made.

    I'll make another monkey if you do another raffle later in the year. x

  6. Well done you for such a marathon effort and for raising such an impressive amount. Stella will be on her way to Shabby Cottage asap. Love the puppy photo and glad she survived the cuddles in the previous post!

  7. Well done Trash for all of your work in putting this together - that's a great result!

  8. Really brilliant work Trashy!!! And please thank the random intergraterornumberpickerouterthingummy from me - I'm so delighted to have won your fab Russian doll tray!!!

    Locket xx

  9. Wow... how awesome are you!
    Thats a seriously great effort.

  10. Ace - well done to all your winners, but big Trashcan Congrats to you especially - what an amazing event to have organised and what a princely sum! Are your fingers tired after all that folding?

    Isabell looks intent on blogging - careful, you'll get her hooked!

  11. What a fantastic amount to have raised. Well done to you Trash, to the people who donated prizes, and the people who entered.

  12. Yeah to see you again! and good work for the appeal. You've done an awesome job, even with one hand.

  13. What a fantastic amount of money to raise. Thank you for organising the raffle and well done to everyone who won. Jane x

  14. Fantastic job Trashy!!! What an amazing amount of money to have raised.
    So are you and puppers browsing the Pet Forums (Fora?) for advice on training one's owners not to strangle one?


  15. Fabulous result, Trashy - well done you!

  16. Wow that's awesome!! You've been busy...and that little puppers is stinking ADORABLE!!!

  17. Let me know if you do another raffle, I will find a prize of some sort to donate.

  18. I received my wonderful prize from Lesley today plus some gorgeous extras! :o)) Thank you so much for organising this great raffle and how fantastic to be connected to such a huge effort for the bushfire appeal. Well done for all your efforts!

  19. Many congrats on raising so many dollars, Trash, and on being able to type with just the one hand - a truly commendable feat!


  20. Great result for the Red Cross. Well done. The gorgeous sock monkey girlie arrived in Tasmania this week. Thank you so much.