Thursday, 26 February 2009

Tag Galaxy - there is a whole universe out there (doodoo doo doo)

This is probably just about the best fun I have had at this computer screen in aaaaages.

Go on, click here. Choose a tag and enjoy.

btw photo in previous post shows two things. 1. Do not let CK take pics of self while I am sitting and he is standing. 2. I now know what I will look like when I am dead and all my muscles have collapsed!


  1. Unfortunately I can't connect to the link without installing some new version of somethingorother that I can't be bothered to do right now because I am feeling very lazy............

    BUT!!!! The second part of your post has made me laugh and laugh! Best laugh I've had at my computer in AGES!

    So I didn't need the link at all!

    Locket xxx

  2. Oh my god, that site is so awesome! Very dangerous though, I can see that it would be very easy to get lost for hours there!

  3. Just don't let him anywhere near the camera ever again!

  4. Cool taggy thing.

    Have to agree with Locket about the second bit...chuckled, I did :-)

    ...and then had to scroll down to the offending photo....and you're right!