Saturday, 28 February 2009

one week in

Realise now why I have always preferred gun/working dogs!

Recognise Izzy is a major drama queen (when a collar first put on threw a mahoosive temper tantrum. Boys and I ignored it and played o/s chasing a ball. I walked past door to see puppy quietly sitting on doormat watching us. When she spotted me the screeching and roaring began again!)

Wish my boys were less gentlemanly.

Glad to see blackdog being more agressive as week went on.

Loving the philosophy of Cesar Millan, the Dog Whisperer.

Have identified her 'breed' - rather than being a Westie/Scottie cross which in modern parlance would make her something like a 'Wotsie' or a 'Skettie' a parent at school yesterday figured out she must be a 'Highland Terrier'. How cool is that? (for those who don't know dog breeds so much there is no such thing as a Highland Terrier ;-)

Done with being woken at three A.M. by Princess C-W clutching a puppy and saying 'she is awake now'.

Pleased 'poor puppy lady' paper-trained Iz.

Glad rather-gorgeous-vet thinks Izzy is as pretty as we do.

Laughing at the already powerful personality attached to such a small creature.


  1. She is so cute! LOL @ Princess C-W. I wonder how long she was watching her before she was awake??


  2. Oh she is so gorgeous!!!! Why don't you post her here as well?

    Locket xxx

  3. That is so funny but she is very cute... and it's early days yet!

  4. having been lucky enough to meet said Highland Terrier i have to say she is such a cutie! and you sure are going to have your hands full!!


  5. Ooh, she looks a right little character - you'll be having lots of fun :)

    What a cutie, beautiful little face. My Archie is a teenager now so losing that puppiness :( x

  6. With you on the 3am thing - I'm now convinced I won't be rushing out to buy Minx a puppy when Moog drops off the mortal coil. Mind you, I bet Moogsdad does!!!