Sunday, 1 March 2009

Eye-spy ... something that makes me happy

Sunday mid-morning and the house is empty except for me and three dogs. Hmmm.... how long do you think it will take to get used to having three dogs?

For the first time in ages I am finally managing to get organised enough to play 'EyeSpy Sunday'and with such a triffic prompt today. 'Eye-spy something I love '.

This one made me think because there is so much I love. My kids, my family, sunshine at the end of the Winter, the burgeoning Spring around me, watching waves crash at the beach.

I love being able to walk freely - both physically and politically. I love that so many men and women have stood tall for their beliefs and for what is right and as a (non-direct) result I benefit.

I love watching people learn something they thought was beyond them, seeing people challenge themselves and be thrilled with the result.

I love that me and mine have our health, that we do not want.

I love beauty.

And then I thought perhaps this is all a bit 'deep' . Maybe this Sunday I should 'eye-spy' something I love purely for the joy it brings me? Right at that point something happened that physically rang bells for me.

My black dog & Pr.C-W's puppy started to play. Physically jumping around, snarling and snapping puppy play. One of things I love most in the world is watching dogs interact. It soothes my soul and makes me smile.

Today it was doubly pleasing as my black dog has avoided the puppy unless under complete duress or instruction since she arrived here. After much cajoling and pushing he has become less wary of her over the weekend and this morning he responded to her play bows. They ran and chased all around the house, tails wagging and jaws snapping until both were out of breath and ready for a rest.

So this Sunday Eye-Spy something I love is watching dogs play.


  1. Puppy play is a joy to behold, but just as lovely and slightly more amusing is watching my little pug tibetan spaniel crossbreed play with my little boy ragdoll kitten. Especially when Zeek (ragdoll) chases Smokey (dog). It is toooooo funny! :-)

  2. that is just brilliant! i love watching them play, Molly and Lilly used to belt all round the house like little maniacs!


  3. Eye-Spy ALL three of the children playing happily together in the garden - similar but different to your happy eye-spy!

    Lucy xx

    P.S. they are playing a very silly game so today's word verification is particularly apt - "walityme" (wally-time)

  4. Lovely! Mine and my brother's dogs used to play like that.

  5. I have always thought that there is not much happier than a happy dog! They seem to really know how to enjoy themselves and take pleasure in small things

  6. Now, that would make me happy too. Our poor old girl has never understood other dogs and has never let her curly black hair down and played like a puppy. That's because she thinks she's a hooman.

    Love that photo of black dog with Izzy's foot in his snarling jaws :)


  7. Goodness - rather poetic there - you got me all moved.

    Fabulous canine pictures of joy - sorry the poor old BD's eye went a bit rubbish as a result.