Monday, 16 February 2009

Simian collossi bestride the globe.

Do you remember I said I was worried about Central Southern ninja sock monkey moves vs the well-drilled skills of the Brizzle squaddie monkee.

And do you remember how I said that Kitty assurred me she had created a gorgeous girlie sock monkey?

And then do you remember how I said that instead of broken bones and crushed limbs we may end up with romance?

Feast your eyes on this gorgeous pair below.

Fingers crossed the same person is lucky enough to win both otherwise the phonebill and postage costs may just get a little bit out of hand ;-)


  1. It would be a match made in heaven, wouldn't it? Striding happily across the plains and swinging through the trees together.

  2. Oh my word they are gorgeous! But, of course, i do love the pink one!

  3. You'll just have to chaperone them very carefully - no monkey business please lol!

  4. They're obviously MFEO but I notice his resemblance to the swarthy Heathcliff - there may be some hand wringing oop t'moors. It's me-o Cathy-o. Beware tapping at the window at night - there may be a ghostly woolly hand. Eek!

  5. She is tooo cute. He would have to be an amazing monkee made of knit to resist her.

  6. Soooo adorable! But I hope you're not planning on them both going to that Sarah Harrison!!!!

    Locket xxx

  7. Hi Trashy - yesterday I meant how do I donate a prize for the raffle? I already made a cash-donation to another fund before I read your post, but I would like to donate a prize?

  8. She's not as sweet and innocent as she looks you know ;-) x

  9. A match made in monkey heaven. (Good luck Mrs Harrison)

  10. "Crossed fingers" - well one would need to have fingers - wouldn't one!

    You'd better keep them in separate rooms or you will have naughty munkehness going on in record time!

  11. What a darling duo, the expressions
    are those of luvstruck monkers for sure.

  12. Oh my goodness - that's just asking for trouble. MM's monkee doesn't stand a chance - she's bound to steal his heart!


  13. Tsk! Did you have to showcase the two of them together?? Look how much work has gone into Kitty's .... it's puts some of us to shame!

    I'm inclined to agree with Kitty on this one though .... look at her there (the monkey, not Kitty) hands demurely tucked in her lap and a butter-wouldn't-melt smile .... I'm not sure I'm fooled .... I still want to win her though!!


  14. dear sir or madman,

    sarah harrison, here. i've recently moved from timbuctoo to new jersey, usa. please forward m'monkees forthwith.

    sincerely yours,
    sarah harrison
    (like i said)
    (& NOT some imposter spurred on by monkee sirree...not at all...)

    ps: my word veri is "MONCO" which sure does sound a lot like "MONKEE" doesn't it?! which just goes to show ya how very clearly I SHOULD WIN!!!!!!!!!!!)