Saturday, 14 February 2009

This is where it all kicks off.

It is Saturday night here
in Trash Towers
I am making it official that the
begins here and now.

To get your tickets all you have to do
go donate to the
use the comments
my email link
tell me the amount
Australian $ you donated.
For every dollar you give you get one 'ticket'.
Simple, non?

I will draw this raffle
Saturday 21 Feb
post a list of the winners
Saturday 28 Feb.

Please note the change in close and drawing dates.

And following the legal requirements as laid out by the Trash Towers Parliament
I am making it clear that neither the Trash Towers family
any of their employees are able to participate in the draw.
HOWEVER should someone by the name
'Sarah Harrison from Timbuctoo'
claim all the prizes you may wish to call for a steward's inquiry ;-)

Good Luck to you all
may the best 'Sarah Harrison from Timbuctoo' win!


  1. How's it going Trash? Got a fair few 'entrants' yet? x

  2. What a beautiful thing you are doing. Good luck to the resident of Timbuctoo...

  3. Such a fantastic thing you are doing....

  4. What a wonderful thing you are doing Trashy. I donated at the bank on Wednesday and have posted off a doll to the toy society. Don't enter me postage is a killer.

  5. Hope you get lots and lots of entrants and that Sarah Harrison wins something.(I've a friend called Sarah Harrison in my village - which isn't Timbuctoo!)

  6. As long as that Sarah Harrison doesn't win EVERYTHING!!!!

    Locket xxx

    P.S. Just donated an extra £10 to British Red Cross specifically in honour of your raffle (don't know what that is in AU$ though!!!!)

  7. Course you can! Just right click on my picture and save it to your computer. Let me know if you want me to mail you one though. Picture that is. Natch.


  8. My contribution to the raffle is already bagged up and waiting to be sent to Sarah (although the fudge is yet to be made) whether she lives in Timbuctoo or Dorset....

  9. Who is this Sarah Harrison minx? Hmm, I'm wondering if it's a special pseudonym for someone, who, I don't know, lives on a hill perhaps? I don't blame her mind, there's some top stuff - none of your ropey old bottles of plonk in this draw. Ace work Mrs T


  10. OK, after dropping round at Kitty's and seeing her fabulous sock monkey, I've just been and donated £15, which, using my trusty calculator translates to 32.7 aus dollars (can we call that 33??)

    But then those nice people at the British Red Cross told me that if I tick the tax payers box my donation will actually be £19.23 (41.9 aus dollars!). Does that count Sarah?!

    .... can you tell I really want to win that monkey??


  11. I mailed earlier but thought I'd just make sure I'm in £30 went to the British Red Cross. I'm afraid I have no idea what that is in Aus. Good luck, hope you get ots of interest and raise a fortune! xxx

  12. Hi Trashy - I meant how do I donate an item for the raffle?
    I already made a cash-donation to another fund before I saw your post, but I would like to donate a prize?

  13. Great raffle Trash, please count me in. I've sent you an email with the details. Hugs, Kelly :-)

  14. Good on you Trash. It must feel awful being away at times like this. I'm from Canberra and when it burned a few years ago I felt bloody terrible. x

  15. Not sure if i can enter but here goes anyway :)..i won an original Melly&Me 'Freya' softie last Sat with all proceeds going to our Vitorian Bushfire Appeal. My winning bid/donation was $315..can't wait for her to arrive on my doorstep :)

  16. Hi, i donated $50 and tried to leave you a comment but blogger would'nt work! so I emailed instead. Hopefully this time will work, Thank you Jane

  17. I donated $10 to the Australian Red Cross, but don't put me in the raffle, it would cost a small fortune to ship me a prize across the pond if I won :)

  18. This is a great idea I have donated 20 Aus dollars,my daughter has told me that most people would not have been insured so will have to donate more all the best