Friday, 20 March 2009

Do not judge me. (life realisations #2/trash phisolophies)

I have just spent the past half an hour combing my hair properly for the first time in over a week.

My arms, scalp and fingers hurt.

Yes I am the mother who threatens to cut off her daughter's hair every morning because it (once again) has not been brushed properly and is full of knots.

The joy of quite long and extremely fine hair is that with a swish of a baby brush over the top it looks all flat and lovely, it can then be twisted back into a bun so that one at least maintains and air of respectability.

Princess Curly-Wurly will learn this trick as she ages. Until then I shall continue to scrape out the knots and tangles and twist/plait or put up as required each day.

For her at least ;-)


  1. I also have fine hair and even though its short its always a mess in the morning and full of knots. For long hair, try braiding it for bedtime. There will be lots less knots in the morning. Also making a pillowcase from satin helps with the knots. I feel your pain!

  2. I too tell my daughter that if she wants long hair she has to cope with the brushing of it. Hurts more if only brushed occasionally! I'm the queen of the pony tail for myself though...!

  3. MissM claims that I was an exceptionally cruel hair-brushing mother and that it is a miracle that she has any hair left for her adult life. My memory is that it was a beautiful time when I quietly and carefully brushed her hair to help her look her best for school.

  4. Hey Trash, I hear you loud and clear. My little girl has the most gorgeous, spun gold hair that knots excessively. I try to get it organised every morning for her, somedays she manages to escape me. I, on the other hand, am guilty of quite often smoothing the top and twisting it back and up in a bun. I gave it a fab brushing recently and cursed the squillions of knots that had taken residence. My mum cut all my hair off when I was eight coz she was sick of dealing with it, I could never cut my little girl's hair, it is too precious - plus she'd disown me!

  5. I knew at last I would see an upside of all boy-children. I may not be able to sew dresses, but at least I don't have to brush tresses either!

  6. You mean No.1 hasn't been overreacting all these years? :-O I thought the screams of 'you're killing me!' were just her being a drama queen. Whoops.


    PS: I rarely brush my daughter's hair now. As Princess C-W gets older she too will get to the stage where there is no way she will let YOU touch HER hair. ;-)

  7. brush??? too much hard work - just run fingers thro and shove a hat on!!


  8. My Mum made me have my hair cut short when I was about ten because of the dreadful tangles. It's been short ever since! (And I don't even own a comb!)

  9. Oh Lordy Lord - thank God I am not the only one who has a daughter full of knots every morning... to the point where I swear she dips the ends of her long blonde mane into a tray full of honey joys!

    Phew. Not alone is a good thing.