Wednesday, 18 March 2009

The cup is always full, some days you just have to squint a bit.

Have you ever noticed that sometimes life happens when you are least anticipating it?

Horrible things happen to nice people. Age creeps up and alters irreparably those around us.

However the presence of the bad should be tempered by the presence of the good. Those who are injured regain control and capability. Plastic cones of humiliation are removed so that freedom becomes unrestricted.

People pick themselves up and declare 'I shall make it on my own'.

Life continues to move forward and every day starting bright and fresh is a blessing from the gods for all to enjoy.


  1. Amen!!
    Your followers will be flocking to your side with those words of wisdom trashy...

  2. So true. Sometimes I think that people get so absorbed in the bad stuff that is happening to them, they can't see the good stuff that is also happening, or the way through the smoke bombs to see the light.

    I'm not criticising them - I've been there myself, and often it's only once you accidentally trip to the "other side" after a bad bout of crapness that you can see the bad state you got yourself into.

    I love this post. I very well may link to it, if only because I get tired of people considering my optimism as a personal attack on their right to feel down-in-the-dumps. It's not. They can feel down in the dumps if they want, but they shouldn't expect me to join them there! I'll be too busy trying to lift them out of it from where I am.

  3. Thanks Trasha - I think you know what this means to me..

  4. Very well said Trash! Locket xxx

    P.S.Hope this doesn't mean that cr*p has been happening to you? If it has, have a HUGE hug from me xxxx

  5. Wow, this has hit a huge nail on it's head for me.

    The lead news item this morning has brought home how lucky our family is to still have my sister. The sun is shining and we're moving on.

    Hope there's not too much adversity at your end, or if there is, then there's a way through. Thanks for this post.

    Emma x

  6. I second the motion. With knobs on. Some days it's quite hard to see the good bits, but other days there they are, looking you in the eyeballs.

    Lovely post. Thank you. x

  7. I shall save this to look at when I next have a PLOM (poor little old me) day.

  8. way to go - a very uplifting post!


  9. I hope this means your dog is feeling better?

  10. I needed this. Thank you.

    loads of love xxx