Monday, 2 March 2009

Why you should never play rough.

Do you remember what I loved yesterday? Dogs playing madly? The kind where they leap and bite and snap and snarl and wildly wag the tails the entire time they are doing it.

Well, yesterday afternoon I didn't love it so much. Some hour or so after they finished I noticed my poor old black dog was suffering from a nasty case of P.P.S. (aka Puppy Sharps Syndrome). Whether it was her teeth or those unworn claws I don't know but poor old black is all squinty and puffy-eyed so is off to the vet this afternoon.

Fingers crossed it doesn't end up like last time.
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  1. Oh no!! Hope it's all okay and not serious doggy injury.


  2. Oh, bless his big old doggy heart! He does look very sorry for himself. He's no doubt learned that these youngsters do get a tad overexcited!
    Hope he's soon on the mend and can ditch the lampshade :(


  3. Awww, poor old chap :-( He's going to have to learn to keep that young scalliwag at leg's length. x

  4. ah bless him, he looks very sorry for himself - little miss highland terrier needs a little word!


  5. Well if it does end up like last time - please keep the close-up weird thing stitched to doggies eye photo to yourself missus.

  6. gosh..........who knew puppies could be dangerous??Hope he is ok.

  7. It's all fun until someone loses and eye!...well that's what my Mum used to say. Poor dog :-(

  8. Poor old dear! Hope it's nothing a few eyedrops and many tasty treats won't mend!

    I was once struck right across my eye - Smack! - by a wagging tail. I saw stars! Cried big instant tears. Eye was sore and swollen half-shut for a couple of days.

    And what could I do - scold the beast for being cheerful?


  9. Poor thing - hope the prognosis is a good one..

  10. If it does, are you going to show us the gory photos?

  11. Oh no! That collar has been on my dog (Blue- a cattle dog cross) on and off for months now. He has worn it so often that he now actually LIKES having it on...I think he must feel NAKED without it!

    I agree with what you wrote in your previous post, watching dogs play really is wonderful.Oh, and I too am a Caesar Milan fan.