Sunday, 8 March 2009

Eyespy Sunday (ahem... a little late)

This week the theme is 'EyeSpy...Something that makes me laugh'. So I trawled through my Picasa files and found this.

This picture makes me laugh because the day was soooooooooo unbeliveably windy that we had to clutch hold of each other to stop being blown out into the Tasman Sea.


  1. The looks on your faces are enough to make anyone laugh! You all looks so terrifyingly happy!

  2. Hee hee - and here was I thinking you were sweltering in that heatwave the WHOLE time! You just can't beat an invigorating sea breeze :-)


  3. That pic is brilliant - love the 'hair disguise' - excellent 'tache and hair horns. We still wouldn't be able to pick you out in a crowd, unless, of course, we'd met you down the pub already x

  4. Looks like you might lose someone if you dont hang on tight. lolol