Wednesday, 11 March 2009

rEd NOsE DaY raFfLE

My very lovely friend Missus Stashbasket has used her wondrous skills of crafting and loveliness to make this stunning blanket.

Want it?

Can't have it because it is mine and you may not win it.

But if you give some money to the very lovely people collecting for Red Nose Day and then go and tell Missus Stashbasket how much she will pretend to give you that number of tickets.

Only pretend mind because the blanket is actually mine so don't go liking it too much ;-)

But hurry because these pretend tickets you are buying will only be available until Saturday 14th.


  1. YOU are the pretender girlie - that blankie has been MINE since it was first posted!!!!

  2. You poor deluded woman - you and WMK, in fact. Mrs Stash Basket knows that the blanket is to be mine when she's done her pretend draw :-)

    When I win it, I may invite you round for tea so's you can admire it!

    How's those dogs doing?


  3. i hate to disappoint you all girls, but its MINE! Its soo gorgeous!


  4. What a great blanket! Must pop over and visit!

  5. Stooooopid, stooopid girl! It's MINE!

    Locket xx