Saturday, 7 March 2009

I have had such lovely post recently. Wanna see?

Being an avid 'fabric-stroker' I entered every contest going during 'I'm a Ginger Monkey's International Stashbusting Day' and I even got to win! The very lovely Kylie chose my name to be the recipient of a HUGE bag of charm squares.

destructoBoy and I had a lovely hour sorting them into colour piles and then pattern piles and then laying them out into potential patterns and, and, and we had a luvverly time :-)

I have already used 9 of the pink ones in a lap quilt for one of my ex-borrowed terences. Just the binding left now.

Some few days ago I was swimming through all the fabulous blogs over on Ric-Rac's blogroll and Sew-Mama-Sew was showing off gorgeous new fabrics.

Are these not the most fabulous and joyous of monkeys??

Now not only did Missus Stashbasket send a fabulous collection of wools as a prize in the first Trash Raffle but she included some of her (now internationally famous) homemade fudge. Imagine my delight when some arrived up here on top of the hill in its neatly wrapped wax paper.

Well there was some in there when I started to take that picture!!

And when Kitty's gorgeous sock monkey girlie arrived here en route to her new home there was a second parcel along side her. The terences and CK purloined the bob straight away so no pictures but oh looky here what I got to keep!

I think they will become part of the scrappy log cabin quilt a la Ric Rac.

Today is International Women's Day and Purple Paisley organised a F.Q. swap in the colours of the suffragettes - green, white and purple. My swap partner was the very lovely Quiltygal who had also been my pincushion Secret Swap giver last year. And OH! feast your eyes on the delights she sent me.

Look! White HUGE ricrac, beautiful 2" white cotton lace and some sweet star ribbon on a reel. And then that fabric!! There are two fat quarters, one a lilac background covered in white stars the other a soft green also starred. But wait! What is that I spy at the background of the picture? Only a metre of the coolest personalised fabric in the world.

Miss Quilty herself suggested it might like to become a bag. I think she may be right ;-)

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  1. Fabulous goodies there Mrs Trash! Aren't we lucky to have such super kind bloggy friends?!!!

    Locket xxx

  2. So glad you liked the charm squares and they have already been put to a good use!

  3. Wasn't it nice of someone to design you your own personalised fabric....
    Remember my fear of kooky? Well first word in the title......

    (I hang my head in shame)

  4. Always nice to get good post! Glad you liked the FQs - any excuse to buy green fabric is ok with me. Love those green and blue monkeys in particular. That fabric from Clare is going to make a wonderful bag. x

  5. Wow 2" ric rac, how fab, I need to get's me some of that to play with!

  6. wow, what a load of lovely goodies you lucky girl you - such gorgeous fabrics - are you still stroking them!!


  7. Ooh what lovely bundles of fabricky loveliness you have there! Fab monkeys and the giant ric-rac is gorgeous. I found a little shop near Chichester that has it in every colour!
    We should organise a day trip :-)