Sunday, 3 May 2009

Eye Spy Sunday

Here it is the middle of Sunday and wham! Jobs are done, laundry is hanging out, dogs are tired and kids have vanished into the nevernever with friends and do you know what else is making me smile? It is Eye Spy Sunday and I am ready to go!

Johanna at One Red Robin chose a theme for this week and I had fun with it - 'Eye Spy New Amazing Blog/s'. I actually went hunting for new blogs rather than the stumbling across something wonderful as usually happens.

First, Rhett Dashwood and his Amazing Alphabet (my title). Using Google Earth he has located the whole alphabet in the buildings and landscape of Victoria! Very , very cool.

Second, Sneaky daddy . Woohoo! A man's perspective on the world.

And finally but by no means leastly, Hand made Love. Oh, where to begin? I chose this particular post as these drawings are so simple and so beautiful but I will be playing back here again because I love seeing Melbourne again from a student's perspective. Plus Dawn has fun and it is fun to be with people having fun :-)

If you get a second go visit them and see something different.


  1. I'm off to visit them right now! If you say they're good ... I know they're good. Thanks for that. x

  2. you sound like you are having a lovely day!!! will pop on over and visit these guys right now!


  3. I've been enjoying looking at Handmade Love since you told me about it on the phone the other day - her art work is gorgeous!

    Lucy x

  4. Great to find new blogs... Handmadelove is beautiful!

  5. Thanks for the great links Trashy -- I love the google maps alphabet!

  6. It's taken me til Monday afternoon to get to that point :o)...just in time for school in the morning and the cycle to start again!

    Thanks for the to have a look now.

  7. Thanks for sharing! I am loving finding all these new blogs! Lucky I cleaned up my favourites. :)